OMG! 52-year-old man made 6 unique paintings, needle hole crosses through

OMG! 52 साल के शख्स ने बनाई 6 अनोखी पेंटिंग्स, सूई की छेद से हो जाती है आर-पार

painting so small that the needle goes into the hole

Your passion to do something new and different is what attracts the world towards you. In this desire, a painter from England has made such pictures, which are being discussed all over the world today. These are not any such paintings, but they are the smallest paintings in the world. So small that even a needle can pass through the hole. Let us tell you that these paintings were sold as soon as they came in the auction. Above 15 lakhs have been bid for each painting.

According to the report of the website Daily Mail, David A Lindon of England has made 6 mini paintings. Everyone is discussing it. All these paintings have been sold for Rs 93 lakh in one auction. The people involved in the auction did not even think that they would ever be able to see such a small art work. Actually, it takes a very sharp eye to see the paintings made by David. At the same time, those who do not understand can use the lens. This painting is so small that a needle can go through the hole.

Famous paintings have already been made
David, once an engineer, says that he got his inspiration from a TV program. Since then he started working in this direction. Let us tell you that David has made many famous paintings like Freddie Mercury and Amy Winehouse before these mini paintings. He decided to make something unique, the result of which is in front of the whole world today. David says that to prove his passion true, he selected some famous paintings. Then prepared it by making it on a paper equal to the size of a needle.

breath holding painting
In an interview, David told that he had challenged himself before making mini paintings. David wanted to see how small a painting he could make. After this, accepting his own challenge, he started making mini paintings. David says that he also had to hold his breath to make these paintings. Because in the slightest carelessness all their hard work would have been wasted. In such a situation, he had to do the same work again from the beginning.

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