Now there will be no worry about cash money when going abroad, SBI brought this special card, know its specialty

अब विदेश जाने पर नकद पैसों को लेकर नहीं होगी कोई चिंता, SBI लाया ये खास कार्ड, जानें इसकी खासियत

You can use State Bank Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card of State Bank of India (SBI).

If you are going to travel abroad and you are worried about how you will maintain the money. Because you don’t like having cash. So now you don’t need to worry at all. You can use State Bank Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card of State Bank of India (SBI). It is a prepaid currency card, which can be pre-loaded with money in up to seven currencies. And after that it can be used at ATMs and Merchant Points abroad. This is the smart way to keep money while traveling abroad.

Using this card, customers can withdraw cash from more than two lakh ATMs across the world. And you can pay in shops, restaurants and hotels.


  1. Chip and PIN Protected Prepaid Travel Card
  2. Multiple currency on one card
  3. Additional cards available for backup
  4. Free 24/7 support available to replace the card if it is stolen or lost
  5. Bank account information is not required to take and start using this card
  6. The card can be reloaded at all SBI branches with valid passport and Form A2 till the expiry date.

How to achieve?

Existing and new customers of SBI can avail these cards by visiting the nearest branch of SBI or logging on to the SBI website. This card is easily available at more than 1,100 branches.

Benefits of travel card

  1. The card can be managed online. It shows balance and transaction details.
  2. Services like ATM locator can be availed using this card.
  3. With this travel card, users will be able to load the exchange rates on their currency every time they reload the card.
  4. The card can be loaded with US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and UAE Dirham.
  5. In case of insufficient funds in the currency to pay for the transaction, the balance is automatically deducted from the other currency available on the card.
  6. Customers can ignore exchange rate changes when they are abroad.
  7. Clear and transparent fees give you the control to manage your budget.

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