Now cow, buffalo will eat special candy chocolate, nutritional deficiency will be removed, milk production will increase

अब गाय, भैंस खाएंगे स्पेशल कैंडी चॉकलेट, दूर होगी पोषक तत्वों की कमी, बढ़ेगा दूध उत्पादन

Now cattle will also eat chocolate.

Now soon chocolate will be available in the markets for animals too. Experts of Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh have prepared a special type of candy chocolate which will be very useful especially for cows and buffaloes. This chocolate will not only be delicious to eat, but it will also provide all the nutrients to the animals.

Chocolate Name – Narmada Vita Min Leek

Now the craze for chocolate will not be limited only to common humans, but children and elders along with animals will also be able to eat chocolate. A special type of candy has been prepared at Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University, Jabalpur, which has been named as “Narmada Vita Min Lik”. But this chocolate is different from the common people’s chocolate because eating it will not cause any harm but only benefit, usually during the lean period or at the time when the cow does not get all the necessary ingredients for the food that it needs. At that time, apart from fodder and straw, this candy will be very beneficial for their health. In this, many essential things including iodine, jaggery have been added, which will be sweet and tasty for the animals to eat. Animals will be able to lick it and eat it and one candy will be finished in about three to four days.

rich in nutrients

Veterinary University Vice Chancellor Sita Prasad Tiwari says that he had given the responsibility to the Animal Nutrition Department to prepare a special type of food supplement for animals so that the animals can get all the nutrients in abundance. In technical language, this chocolate prepared by experts is being called Cattle Chocolate, which will be made available in the market soon.

special chocolates feed animals

special chocolates feed animals

With this, it will be easy to remove all the problems arising in cow or buffalo, then the production of milk will also increase. The university is soon going to write a letter to the government to make these kettle chocolates available to the farmers and on the basis of government machinery it will be made available across the state soon.

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