No outage due to power shortage in Delhi DISCOMs, Center retaliates on supply disruption in the capital

China got a big shock due to power crisis, foreign companies made plans to invest in other countries

Power crisis in India. (signal picture)

Amid growing concerns over the supply of coal in the country, the Power Ministry said that there is no outage due to power shortage in Delhi Discoms, as they were supplied the required quantity of electricity. Delhi’s maximum demand on October 12 was 4707 MW (peak) and 101.5 MU (energy). As per information received from Delhi Distribution Companies (Discoms), there was no outage in the account. Due to power shortage, they were supplied with the required amount of electricity.

On 9 October, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming that there was a coal shortage situation, which has affected the power generation supplying power to the NCT. plants and requested them to intervene in the matter. Subsequently, the Ministry of Coal assured the country that enough coal is available in the country to meet the demand of the power plant.

Electricity requirement and availability status in Delhi

From 26 September to 10 October, the need and availability of electricity in Delhi was the same. On Monday, the availability of electricity was more than necessary. It also showed that the maximum demand for electricity and the supply (supply) of maximum power demand remained the same during this period. According to the data, the discoms in Delhi took less power than what was provided to them.

The Power Ministry also hit back at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s allegation, in which he had said that the power situation in the entire country is very critical. At the same time, his cabinet colleague Satyendar Jain claimed that the Delhi government has to buy expensive gas-based and high market rate power. He said that NTPC has halved the power supply in the city.

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