NewsNCR EXCLUSIVE : Sensational revelations of a trend terrorist from ISI arrested in Delhi, doubts deepened on the infamous Pakistani organization in the world!

TV9 EXCLUSIVE : दिल्ली में गिरफ्तार ISI से ट्रेंड आतंकवादी के सनसनीखेज खुलासे, दुनिया में बदनाम पाकिस्तानी संगठन पर गहराया शक!

ISIS trend terrorist arrested from Delhi

The Delhi Police Special Cell (New Delhi-Southern Range) on Monday (11 March 2021) has arrested a terrorist, Mohammad Ashraf alias Ali Ahmed Noori, who was trained by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI (Inter Services Intelligence). Ali Ahmad Noori) has been arrested.

Sensational revelations are being made one after the other in the interrogation of the arrested terrorist. When the Indian intelligence, investigative-security agencies and Delhi Police Special Cell teams resumed the round of interrogation late on Wednesday night, another sensational revelation has come to the fore. As soon as this information came to the fore, once again the Indian intelligence and investigative agencies swung into action.

What is the relation of terrorist with social organization

In the interrogation of this dangerous terrorist of Pakistani origin and a trend terrorist from Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, on Wednesday night, the agencies of the country came to know about an organization whose headquarters is in Pakistan. According to an intelligence officer involved in the investigation teams, the accused has confessed that he often visited the bases of the suspected and world-renowned Pakistani organization to give pranks on people converting to Islam. This organization describes itself as a global benefactor of a particular section of Muslims.

All questions are arising

According to the same official of the Indian Intelligence Department, “The ISI trend of terrorist going to such a socio-religious organization, to be associated with it raises many questions.” The same officer further said, “During interrogation on Wednesday, Mohammad Ashraf alias Ali told in front of some members of the team that he is also associated with this Islamic organization present in Pakistan and controversially-maligned around the world. The headquarter of this organization is present in Karachi, Pakistan. This organization was established in Pakistan in the last months of 1981.

Horoscope of suspected Pakistani organization

According to Indian agencies and media reports, ‘This alleged religious-social Pakistani organization, which has been raised in the eyes of agencies around the world, has been making the claim that it is a well-wisher of a particular class-community for the last 40 years. . It has been established for the interests of Islam. Whereas media reports suggest that intelligence agencies of many other countries including India have always looked at this organization with suspicion. Many serious allegations have also been made against this organization in the past. In India, the base of this organization is said to be present in the Matia Mahal area (Old Delhi near Jama Masjid) of the country’s capital Delhi.

This allegation was made on this organization in 2016

According to media reports, in the year 2016, some officials of this organization were also accused of getting murdered. The incident took place in Britain (United Kingdom). In which fingers were raised on this organization in the case of killing Asad Shah, a member of a minority Muslim organization. Then the person who was accused of the murder in Britain, his direct relation was found with this Pakistani organization.

The news of that incident of murder in the UK had not even faded that in 2011 this organization again got caught in the clutches of notoriety. The same organization was then accused that the former governor of Punjab province in Pakistan, Salman Taseer, former governor, Punjab State Pakistan, was murdered at the behest of this organization. There was a lot of uproar in Pakistan about that incident for some time. Then the allegation of the murder of Salman Taseer was leveled against a member of the organization itself.

Noori’s heart-wrenching secret

Now when on Monday (October 11, 2021) in the capital of India, the police arrested Mohammad Ashraf alias Ali alias Ali Ahmed Noori, a trained terrorist from ISI in Pakistan, he himself accepted his connection with this infamous organization. This is also confirmed by the Indian investigative and intelligence agencies themselves. It is noteworthy that on Monday, under the leadership of Delhi Police Special Cell DCP Pramod Singh Kushwaha, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Lalit Mohan Negi, ACP Hriday Bhushan and Inspector Vinod Badola, Ravindra Kumar Tyagi, Sub-Inspector Sundar Gautam and Sub-Inspector Yashpal Bhati were appointed. The team had arrested Noori from Laxmi Nagar area of ​​East Delhi.

That’s why Indian agencies were stunned

SAIL teams raided Kalindi Kunj area (near Ghat) in southeast Delhi on the spot of arrested Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ashraf alias Noori. So from there the police found AK-47, grenades buried in the ground, two magazines of AK-47 rifles, inside which 30-30 ie 60 live cartridges were present, grenades were buried. This weapon was soon to be used to wreak havoc in the congested area of ​​Delhi by the terrorist to whom Noori was going to carry this consignment.

Arrested in Delhi with weapons Pakistani terrorist Noori was caught before anyone could deliver this consignment (weapons). During interrogation on Wednesday, when this terrorist disclosed his ties to this infamous Pakistani organization, Indian agencies were stunned. Because this organization is of Pakistani origin. In the guise of other religious-social works, this organization has also been infamous for all the inappropriate antics since many years ago.

That’s why Indian agencies were shocked

According to an official of the agencies interrogating the accused, “Nuri had traveled to Thailand, Saudi Arabia with an Indian passport obtained from forged documents. He also went to Nepal from India. The purpose of all those foreign trips was also Nuri’s visit to the bases of this Pakistani organization infamous around the world. During those foreign trips, this terrorist reached the bases of the organization and presented many tales (speeches) filled with religious hysteria.

The Indian agencies involved in the investigation are now digging through the videos of Nuri’s arguments, whether he (arrested terrorist), on the basis of these alleged arguments, forcibly inciting ‘conversion’ on the borders of India, is not the result of the misdeeds. I was giving. Indian agencies are trying to find out that what could be the good of a person more dangerous than Noori, who got trained in terrorism from Pakistani intelligence agency, to any community social organization? If the organization is not involved in any illegal or anti-social activities.

BJP MP had opposed the organization

A top officer of the Intelligence Department on the condition of not revealing his identity NewsNCR Bharatvarsh Said, “On 29-30 December 2018 also this organization came in the news headlines in India. During that time the organization created a sensation in India by announcing a two-day function in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. Then it was said that the conference (Sunni Ijtema) would be held at Idgah Mir Alam Ground in Hyderabad. Then BJP MP Subramanian Swamy openly opposed that event by pointing fingers towards the state government and police (Telangana).

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