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NewsNCR EXCLUSIVE : Only “pawns” who carried out ‘Target Killing’ in Kashmir Valley, know who is the real mastermind

Terrorist attacks are happening continuously in Kashmir. (signal picture)

For many years, Jammu and Kashmir was saved from being painted with the blood of innocent humans. A couple of months after the Taliban government took power in Afghanistan on the basis of a gun, bloodshed started in the Kashmir Valley. It also does not directly mean that the finger should be pointed at the current Taliban regime, behind the recent ‘Target Killing’ started in Kashmir. Yes, within the last one week, the kind of talks by the Indian Army’s intelligence system and Indian intelligence agencies, have been ‘intercepted’ from across the border (in areas adjacent to India’s border in Pak Occupied Kashmir area). That in itself is a matter of concern.

According to Indian intelligence agencies, the formula of ‘target killing’ in the Jammu and Kashmir Valley has been brought to the fore by a former terrorist from the valley itself. The name is Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar. The same 58-60 year old Aijaz Ahmed Ahangar alias Abu Usman Al-Kashmiri (Aijaz Ahmad Ahangar alias Abu Usman Al-Kashmiri), whose Pakistan intelligence agency ISI for the last 25 years and the organization infamous for spreading terrorism across the world, Islamic State Khorasan Tuti speaks inside (Islamic State Khurasan Province ISKP). Actually Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar is basically a Kashmiri terrorist. In the mid-1990s (around 1996), he fled India and joined the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Searching for this Most Wanted since 25 years

Since then, Ahangar has not come face-to-face with Indian agencies even once. A few days ago, the Taliban government released him from a prison in Afghanistan. The ears of Indian agencies were raised then. Indian agencies were apprehensive that Ajaz Ahmed Ahangar would not be deterred from spewing venom against India by playing in the hands of Pakistani intelligence agencies as soon as he got the opportunity. This was confirmed when last week Indian agencies from across the border overheard the ongoing conversation between intelligence and codeword. Between whom the talks were going on, Indian agencies are not ready to open it in view of the current situation in Kashmir. Yes, it is certain that that conversation was taking place only between the ‘middlemen’ of Pak intelligence agencies and some mastermind person who is anti-India.

Shocking conversation caught from across the border

Asked about the conversation, did any of those strangers, recently released from prison in Afghanistan and India’s arch enemy, resemble former Kashmiri terrorist Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar? An officer posted in Kashmir, on the condition of anonymity, said, “It is too early to say all this now. This possibility also cannot be ruled out outright. But unless the suspect’s voice samples are matched with those of us (already available with Indian agencies), it will not be possible to confirm. Anyway, this conversation has been heard by some of our expert teams. This input is from the army and intelligence. Those people (Indian intelligence and military) have been working on this for a long time. He was the one who intercepted the conversation going on between some suspicious people across the border.”

ISKP’s magazine caught in the eyes of agencies

According to Indian agencies, recently an issue of ‘Voice of Hind’, the monthly magazine of this terrorist organization (ISKP) has also appeared. In which Indian agencies have been openly challenged through some articles written. Agencies have also taken possession of all the copies of this magazine. According to Hindustani Intelligence Agency sources, at one place in the magazine, a man is shown shooting a golgappa in the head from behind. It is also written that ‘VR Coming’ means we are coming. It is worth mentioning here that within the last few hours, three migrant workers, including a migrant gol-gappa vendor, were shot dead in the Kashmir Valley. Two of these died. In such a situation, Indian agencies do not openly confirm that the human bomb maker Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar of Khorasan is behind the ‘target killing’ in the Kashmir Valley.

From prison in Afghanistan to ISI base

The agencies also do not deny the fact that Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar is constantly keeping a close watch on him as soon as he is released from Afghanistan. It is said that as soon as Ahangar was released from the prison in Afghanistan, he was directly taken to the base of a lieutenant-level officer of the intelligence agency ISI located in Pakistan. Since then no one knows anything concrete about him. The way the bloody game of ‘target killing’ has been started in the Kashmir Valley these days, the name of Ahangar has been etched in the minds of Indian agencies. Indian agencies have understood that only a Kashmiri terrorist can plan such target killing. Who has information about every corner of the Jammu and Kashmir Valley. Who knows how because of the atrocities being committed on ‘non-Kashmiri’ people, they (terrorists) can defame the current Indian government in the eyes of the world.

This is how “target-killing” can stop!

In this case, at present, in the eyes of Indian Intelligence and Military Intelligence Agency, no other name is coming out except Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar. In the eyes of Indian agencies, controlling Ahangar is the first priority to stop the era of target killing that has come to the Kashmir Valley recently. Because now this ahangar is no longer a 1990s trainee Kashmiri terrorist. Today’s Ahangar is also the most capable ‘Human Bomb Maker’ of terrorist organization like the world’s largest and dangerous ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

Also in the 1990s, Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar, who ran to hide in the ‘den’ of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) to save his life from Indian agencies. Today, India’s arch enemy Pak intelligence agency ISI is circling back and forth against the same Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar. Only and only in the misunderstanding that through Ahangar she will be able to destroy the peace and tranquility existing in the rest of India including the Kashmir Valley.

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