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NewsNCR EXCLUSIVE : 19 years ago, when the CBI was given a “gunda” in the ‘bonus’ along with the underworld don to the CBI across the seven seas

Both of them themselves removed the bandage on their eyes with handcuffed hands. I recognized Aftab Ansari on sight. Who was with him in handcuffs that looked like another light-bearded punk? I could not recognize.

Dubai also gave a ‘gunda’ in ‘bonus’ to the CBI along with the underworld don

This is about two decades (19 years ago) from now on. The date was February 10, 2002. The time was around noon. The place was Dubai’s International Airport. This is the anecdote of an investigation conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the only one of India’s only and one of the most capable investigating agencies of the country at that time, which specializes in national-international level investigations. The investigation which has proved to be a milestone for the coming generations of the Indian government, the law here and the CBI itself. The investigation which the present generation of CBI is reading like a lesson.

A few days before this investigation (on 22 January 2002), the American Center in Kolkata was attacked by a terrorist (Kolkata American Center Terrorist Attack). In that attack, motorcycle-borne terrorists killed 4 security personnel deployed in the security of the American Center. While more than 20 people were badly injured. American agencies, lightened by that attack, were camping in India to arrest the attackers. India also had every solid information related to the attackers.

The challenge before the Indian agencies was

But there was a challenge before the Indian agencies. That is, despite having all the information related to Aftab Ansari, the main conspirator of the American Center in Kolkata, there was no way for the CBI to reach his neck. Therefore, in such a situation, a Joint Director CBI, posted at that time in the Central Bureau of Investigation and directly involved in the investigation of the attack on the American Center in Kolkata, considered it appropriate to hit the hot iron. Therefore, the CBI decided that since the attack took place at an American center in India. In such a situation, the US government and its agencies are also anxious to catch more attackers-conspirators than India.

CBI handed over the file to America

Therefore, on the advice of a joint director of the CBI, the Indian government handed over all the documents present in its possession (about this joint director will be mentioned later in this story) to American agencies in a few hours. These documents were related to the underworld don and Aftab Ansari, the main conspirator of the attack on the American Center (based in Kolkata). For example, finger prints of Aftab Ansari (Underworld Don Aftab Ansari). His passport and other documents made from Patna. Along with this, the CBI also told the American officials that Aftab Ansari may be hiding in Dubai for the time being. Just what then?

America was more worried than India

American agencies (CIA FBI) ​​were more anxious than India to reach the necks of the attacking terrorists (Kolkata American Center Attack) conspirators of their center in Kolkata. In such a situation, American agencies gathered in efforts to arrest underworld don Aftab Ansari at a faster rate than India. American agencies put pressure on the government of Dubai and all the related agencies there overnight. The pressure put on Dubai by American agencies was very effective and gave positive results. Only after a few days of hard work, the Indian investigative agency CBI got a call from Dubai.

This news came to CBI from Dubai

With this instruction that CBI officer Aftab Ansari should reach Dubai in a special chartered plane from India with all the relevant documents. Underworld don Aftab Ansari, the mastermind of the attack on the American Center in Kolkata, has been caught in Dubai. So in the first week of February 2002, a CBI team reached Dubai overnight. IPS Neeraj Kumar, who was the Joint Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (Neeraj Kumar Joint Director CBI), was leading that team of CBI that reached Dubai from India.

that scary airport of dubai

Later, Neeraj Kumar, the same IPS officer of 1976 batch, became the Delhi Police Commissioner and retired from there in 2013. That special CBI team, which had reached Dubai from India, was taken to a desolate place inside the Dubai International Airport on 10 February 2002 by representatives of Dubai agencies and parked during the day. Whose desolation was enough to increase the fear and panic even more. After looking at that deserted and deserted airport, the CBI officers came to know about that place, which was actually the airport of a special chartered plane going from Dubai to Pakistan.

Everyday international flights had nothing to do with it. That’s why the part of the airport that looked wretched was deserted. Whose desolation and desolation was enough to make him mysterious. Actually this was the same deserted terminal from where underworld don Aftab was about to flee to Pakistan on a chartered flight from Dubai to Pakistan. He was arrested before he could leave Dubai and flee to Pakistan. After waiting for about half an hour, the CBI team was taken inside a Gulfstream plane that reached Dubai after taking a flight from Delhi.

I was alone outside the Gulfstream plane

According to the then Joint Director of CBI, Neeraj Kumar arrived in Dubai from the Indian side of India to legally takeover underworld don Aftab Ansari, “The team of Dubai officials asked me to stop at the same deserted airport (airstrip). said. While all the other members of my team who were with me were taken inside that Gulfstream plane. It was like a scene in a horror Hollywood movie. Couldn’t understand what was going to happen to us on the land of Dubai the next moment? At the same time a bus came there and stopped in front of my plane.

‘Gunda’ got the memorable ‘Bonus Gift’

Blindfolded, two people with handcuffs in both hands were brought out from inside that bus and made to stand in front of me. Both of them themselves removed the bandage on their eyes with handcuffed hands. I recognized Aftab Ansari on sight. Who was with him in handcuffs that looked like another light-bearded punk? I could not recognize. Was told that he was called a notorious goon of Gujarat or was gangster Raju Undkat.”

Seeing Raju Undkat in front, I understood that he, along with our most wanted terrorist Aftab Ansari, was handed over to us by Dubai as a ‘bonus’. Now 19 years after that investigation NewsNCR Referring to during an exclusive conversation with Neeraj Kumar, “I reached Delhi and checked the records of the CBI regarding Raju. Then it came to know that he was the most wanted of CBI in cases of kidnapping, counterfeit currency in India. The CBI had also registered a case against him in Jaipur. The ‘gift’ I got from Dubai in the form of Raju in ‘Bonus’ was of great use to the CBI later.”

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