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New alliance with US-Israel and UAE may prove to be a milestone in Indian diplomacy

In the coming times, this meeting of foreign ministers of India, America, Israel, UAE can prove to be special for India in Middle East Asia.

Many such developments are happening in Central Asia at this time which remain a matter of concern for India. Be it the Taliban rule in Afghanistan or the increasing dominance of China. This is the reason why India is now coming forward to make a new kind of strategy and partnership. Some people are also naming this new strategy as ‘New Quad’. In fact, on Monday, America, India, Israel and UAE presented the blueprint of their new partnership to the whole world. The foreign ministers of these four countries participated in this meeting and this meeting lasted from Monday night to Tuesday morning.

In this meeting, these countries decided to focus on economic cooperation together for the time being. However, even if they come together in the Indo-Pacific region, these countries will move forward. The most important thing from India’s point of view was that this alliance announced the creation of an international forum on economic cooperation. Which can definitely bring new business opportunities in India in future. Most importantly, the agenda of this alliance is also focused to some extent on the problems going on in the Indo-Pacific region. Because of this, this alliance can also stifle China’s nose in the coming times.

How will this new alliance be beneficial for India?

Together with the US, Israel and the UAE, India will now play a big role in the new political landscape being created in Middle East Asia under this new alliance. During the visit of Foreign Minister S Jaishankar to Tel Aviv, Israel’s Foreign Secretary Elon Ushpiz, while talking to the Times of India, said that ‘We want to emphasize that how India’s scenario will be in the new circumstances being created in Middle East Asia. We are trying how to involve India in the new opportunities emerging in this area.
India and Israel have a strong friendship since the time of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Although Israel and India have been friends for decades, but after the Narendra Modi government came to power in 2014, the friendship between these two countries has got a new dimension. This will be his first high-level meeting with India after the formation of the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government.

India will be able to balance in this new quad

The issue of Iran is very special for these three countries, Israel, America and UAE. In his view, Iran is a global challenge for him. But the relations between India and Iran have been strong since the time of history. When the US imposed sanctions on Iran, even after that India-Iran relations remained the same. Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is one of the few leaders who traveled to Iran despite the sanctions. Now in such a situation, a big question in front of India is that how will it move forward by balancing such an alliance, whose majority is always going to be against Iran.

In fact, Iran wants to become a nuclear-rich country and for this it is also working rapidly. At the same time, America and Israel do not want Iran to become a nuclear state. Because of this, sanctions have also been imposed on Iran from time to time.

India will be strong globally

In the kind of situation in Middle East Asia, somewhere China is trying to take the load. In such a situation, America knows that if any country can stop China in Asia, then it is only India. This new alliance of India, America, UAE and Israel will also give new strength to the relations between India and the Gulf countries. India knows that if it wants to strengthen its position in Asia, then the Gulf countries will have to be taken along. Along with this, due to this new alliance, new reconciliation will also be made between Israel and Arab countries. This is the reason why UAE and Bahrain have also given diplomatic recognition to Israel.

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