Navratri 2021: Navratri fast is incomplete without girl worship, know why the child joins the banquet with the girls

Navratri 2021 : कन्या पूजन के बिना अधूरा है नवरात्रि व्रत, जानिए क्यों कन्याओं के साथ भोज में शामिल होता है बालक

girl worship

Navratri is about to end. Navami Tithi is on 14th October. On this day, after worshiping the mother, worshiping the girl, after Havan etc., will be done. After this, the devotees who observe Matarani’s fast for nine days will break their fast. Although Kanya Puja can be done on any day during Navratri, but it is considered better to do it on Ashtami and Navami.

Special importance has been given to Kanya Puja in the scriptures. It is believed that the fast of Navratri is not complete without the worship of Kanya. During Kanya Puja, 9 girls are worshiped as nine forms of the mother, along with them a child is also offered a feast. Know here the rules of Kanya Puja and the reason for making the child sit with the girls.

Offer food to the girls of 2 to 10 years

Girls between 2 to 10 years are considered to be the best for Kanya Puja. It is best to feed 9 girls. But if you want, you can increase or decrease the number of girls according to your ability. These girls are considered as different mothers according to their age. Two year old girl is Kanya Kumari, three year old girl is Trimurti, four year old girl is Kalyani, five year old girl is Rohini, six year old girl is Kalika, seven year old girl is Chandika, eight year old girl is Shambhavi, A nine-year-old girl is worshiped as Durga and a 10-year-old girl as Subhadra.

That’s why the child is seated

It has been told in the Devi Purana that as much as the mother is pleased with the girl’s feast, she is not happy with the havan and charity. Therefore, get the girl worship and banquet done with full devotion. Generally, there is a practice of feeding a small boy of nine girls together with the girls. Actually this child is considered as the form of Bhairav ​​Baba. These are called langurs. It is said that only after feeding the langur along with the girls, the worship of the girl is completely successful.

In this way, girl worship should be done

Get up in the morning and make kheer, puri, halwa, gram etc. Offer it to Mata Rani. After this, call the girls and langurs and wash their feet with clean water and make them sit on a clean seat. After this, feed the girls and langurs with respect. Then tilak everyone with roli on the forehead and give dakshina according to the capacity. Then touch the feet of everyone. In this way, the mother is very happy by feeding the girl child and blesses the devotee.

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