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Mundka fire: Life is at stake but still the lives of women and girls were saved first, these are real life heroes

Those present at the time of Mundka fire accident, who saved many lives

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In the Mundka fire, where the irregularities of the building owner have come to the fore. At the same time, the story of such real life heroes is also coming to the fore. Those who saved the lives of others without caring about their own lives.

Delhi’s Mundka (Delhi FireThe incident of fire on Friday shook the entire country including the capital. 27 people have died in the incident. While 29 people are still missing. At the same time, the reason for the accident being so big is believed to be irregularities in the construction of the building and non-compliance with the rules. At the same time, one of the main reasons has been that there was only one gate to exit the building. At the same time, some people were also present in the building at the time of the accident, who saved the lives of others along with themselves. Today we will tell you Mundka fire incident (Mundka FireThe story of people who saved many lives by showing their understanding and understanding.

Mamta Devi is 52 years old and was working in the factory for the last 8 days. Her husband is disabled. There are two children in the house. She is the only earner in the family. Mamta told that when the fire started, there was an outcry all around. People were running here and there to save their lives. Due to the sudden increase in the heat in the room, many people fainted. After this the glass broke and the crane came. But Mamta thought it necessary to save the lives of the little girls trapped in the building before saving the lives of others. He first took the girls down and then saw that there was no girl left, then decided to get out of there. But they didn’t see any way out. After that he jumped from the building. Due to this, he has suffered injuries in his hands and feet.

Saved the lives of more than 30 people

At the same time, when the building caught fire, Bablu, sitting some distance away, sensed the trouble. Bablu, who was a scrap dealer by profession, ran away from there without losing his life and reached his junk shop. Taking 12-15 mattresses and ropes from the shop, ran near the building and laid the mattresses in the street below. He threw the rope up and appealed to the people to come down with the help of the rope. Because of Bablu, not one or two but more than 30 people were able to get out.

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At the same time, 27-year-old Avinash was working in the factory for a year. Avinash told that the meeting was going on on the second floor. About 70 to 80 people were involved in this. Then suddenly the heat started increasing in the room. An employee came upstairs while opening the lower door and fainted. As the heat in the room increased, so did the smoke all around. In such a situation, Avinash and his associates tried to break the glass of the building but the glass did not break. Avinash told that the glass broke after half an hour of effort, but instead of saving ourselves, we got the women trapped in the building down through a crane. After that everyone got out safely.

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