Mumbai Local Train: Schools, temples, theaters are opening in Maharashtra, now it’s the turn of Mumbai local train

Mumbai Local Train: महाराष्ट्र में स्कूल, मंदिर, थिएटर खुल रहे हैं, अब मुंबई लोकल ट्रेन की बारी

mumbai local train

The Maharashtra government has decided to open schools from October 4, religious places from October 7 and theaters from October 22. Now there is a demand from Mumbaikars to start Mumbai local train for all.

Shamit Sinha

Due to less corona infection (Corona in Maharashtra), the Maharashtra government started opening them, removing the restrictions from every single thing. But the areas connected with schools-colleges, religious places, cinema-playhouses and Mumbai local trains were yet to be opened. The government has taken the decision to open the first three of these institutions. Mumbai local train now called the lifeline of Mumbai (Mumbai Local TrainWhen will it start for everyone, all eyes are on it.

The way corona infection has decreased in Maharashtra, similarly corona infection has decreased in Mumbai too. Because of this, the Maha Vikas Aghadi government led by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has decided to open schools from October 4, all religious places including temples from October 7 and theaters from October 22. Now there is a demand from Mumbaikars to start Mumbai local train for all.

What is the point of not getting the vaccine, why are they getting punished for not going to Mumbai local?

At present, only passengers with both doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine are allowed to travel by Mumbai local. The amazing thing is that most of the people dependent for traveling in local trains are in the age group of 18 to 40 years. While most of the people who get both doses are above 45 years of age. Most middle-aged and elderly people do not have to go to work everyday. Many of those who have to go out for their business every day have not been able to get both doses of the vaccine.

There is nothing wrong with common Mumbaikars for not taking both doses of the vaccine. When the supply of vaccine is done properly, then only vaccination of everyone will be done very fast. For example, if we talk about Sunday (September 25, Sunday), it is a holiday, people would like to go to get the vaccine. But the information has come that on Sunday the vaccination will be for women only. It happens all the time. That is, when it is not their fault for not taking both the vaccines, then for what crime are they being punished by not allowing them to travel in the local train.

Life derailed, come back on track, get permission to travel in Mumbai local

Political programs are going on, festivals are being celebrated, crowds are gathering in the markets. Why is Mumbai local not running for everyone when there is no stop here? Common Mumbaikars are constantly asking this question. Local for everyone should run as soon as possible, this is the demand of common Mumbaikars. At least those who have taken one dose of the vaccine, their employment should start. Common Mumbaikars are demanding from the Thackeray government that they should start Mumbai Local for the most part so that people can start business and business, get their life running on track. After a year and a half, once again you can travel from Mumbai local.

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