Mukhtar Ansari Case: Documents related to illegal properties of missing Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari, investigation started

Mukhtar Ansari Case: गायब हुए बाहुबली विधायक मुख्तार अंसारी की अवैध संपत्तियों से जुड़े दस्तावेज, जांच शुरू

Documents of missing Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari’s illegal properties

Uttar Pradesh’s Bahubali MLA and mafia don Mukhtar Ansari (Mukhtar Ansari) and his wife Afsha Ansari’s old properties have been found missing from government departments. When were these properties bought by Mukhtar Ansari and in whose name these properties have been transferred and then how did they reach in the name of Mukhtar and his wife. Government departments are not getting this information.

Information in this regard has been asked to be given. In fact, the land of Mukhtar Ansari and his wife is coming to Hussainganj village, but the documents of that land are not with the government departments. In fact, in this case, SP Azamgarh has written a letter to the district administration of Lucknow, in which it is written that Mukhtar Ansari has acquired property from the crime world. There are many lands in his wife’s name.

What is written in the letter?

In this letter, the SP has written that the plot number 47, whose municipal corporation number is 47 and the area is 8312 square feet. One fourth of this land i.e. 2078 square feet is on the assembly road, which comes in Hussainganj area. It was sold in the name of a seller named Sunil Chak or in the name of Mukhtar Ansari’s wife.

Who owned this land in the past? Information has been sought regarding this. At the same time, when SDM Sadar got the investigation done in this case, it came to know that the complete record of the land is missing. In this case, the SDM has written that the 86 old villages in which documents and records are not available in the tehsil. It is registered as Nazul land. In such a situation, its documents may be available with the Municipal Corporation and LDA.

On the other hand, the Municipal Corporation also does not have any documents of these 86 villages and the LDA does not even have any documents related to it. Due to which it can be told that when, when and whose land belonged.

Municipal Corporation and LDA will tell the price of land

In fact, the government department is not aware of the value of Mukhtar’s properties. Because circle rates are different. So now the LDA and the Municipal Corporation will tell what is the cost of this land. SDM Sadar Prafulla Tripathi has written a letter to the LDA on October 11 and has been asked to assess Mukhtar’s land and make it available.

Police have not been able to seize the properties of Mukhtar’s relatives

After the order of the state government, action was taken by campaigning against close friends of Mukhtar and details of property were also found. But these properties could not be confiscated. During the raids, many of Mukhtar’s close associates had fled and the police could not even arrest him. Babu Singh, a close associate of Mukhtar, a resident of Madianv, Lucknow, was accused of gangster and the details of his properties were prepared.

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