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MP: Woman reached collectorate with a smile on her face with rifle leg on her shoulder in Bhind, steps taken to protect family

The women of Chambal are getting stronger in every field. In such a situation, women are now protecting the family by rising above the hearth-post. Neeraj Joshi, a woman who reached Bhind collector’s office with a rifle, has got arms licenses made for the safety of the family.

A woman reached Bhind with a rifle on her shoulder. (symbolic picture)

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Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) in Bhind (Bhind) Echoes of bullets are not new in Chambal area of ​​the district. Where guns and rifles for men are a matter of pride in this area. In such a situation, changes are now being seen in the taste of Chambal. At the same time, women are also getting empowered here. She is progressing in every field. For this, she is also taking the responsibility of protecting the family, bypassing the image of the hearth-outpost. For this, she is now taking arms license to protect herself. Let us tell you that the Chambal area is still recognized by the rugged and gun.

In fact, according to media reports, in Bhind district, about 150 licenses are in the name of women. In such a situation, women are now also taking the responsibility of protecting the family. A similar scene has been seen in the collectorate office, when Neeraj Joshi, a resident of Ater area, recently reached for license renewal with a rifle on his shoulder. Let us tell you that in this male dominated country, women are not only running the family but have also started taking the responsibility of security of the family. In Chambal’s Bhind district, over the years, many women have obtained arms licenses, as well as guns.

Husband died last 4 years ago

At the same time, Neeraj Joshi, who lives in Ater area in Bhind district, has seen rifle legs on his shoulder in the collectorate. In such a situation, the people present there were surprised to see the rifle on the shoulders of the woman. During this, Neeraj Joshi told that her husband had died 4 years ago. During this, there are elderly mother-in-law and three children in the house. He is from that rugged area of ​​Chambal, where there used to be movement of dacoits. In such a situation, there has been a change with time, but even today, fights and disputes in their village become a situation of dispute.

Will use weapons to keep my family members safe

Let us inform that Neeraj Joshi, a resident of Ater area, told that apart from this, the fear of goons also remains. During this, due to the absence of her husband in this world, now I am also taking up the responsibility of protecting the children and mother-in-law. Due to this, Neeraj Joshi had applied for the license this year. However, after the license is made, more licensed rifles have been purchased. He said that I will use it if needed. With this, I will be able to keep my family members safe. In such a situation, Neeraj is not the only woman who has an arm license, apart from these, 4-5 women have applied for an arms license, which is currently in the process. That is, in the coming days, guns can be seen in the hands of these women as well.

140 arms licenses are registered in the name of women in the district

It is worth mentioning that in Bhind district, Arms Branch In-charge and Additional Collector Praveen Kumar Phulpagare told that at present about 23500 Arm licenses are allotted in the district. These include rifles, pistols etc. In such a situation, most of the licensee group belongs to the male category. But 140 arms licenses are registered in the names of women.

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