MP: Indore Sex Racket! Smuggler marries 75 Bangladeshi girls, makes 200 call girls; Used to send Mumbai and Kolkata for training

MP: इंदौर सेक्स रैकेट! तस्कर ने 75 बांग्लादेशी युवतियों से रचाई शादी, 200 को बनाया कॉलगर्ल; ट्रेनिंग के लिए भेजता था मुंबई और कोलकाता

Madhya Pradesh Police. (signal picture)

A surprising case has come to light in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh. Munir alias Munirul, a Bangladeshi girls smuggler who was caught by the police, has made shocking important revelations during the interrogation. According to the police, the accused had brought more than 200 Bangladeshi girls from Bangladesh and pushed them into the sex racket business. He used to bring more than 55 girls every month. At present, the accused has married 75 girls so far. At the same time, on Thursday, the team of Indore SIT arrested Munir from Surat. According to the police, the accused used to bring the girls to the Porus border of Bangladesh and India through the drain and through a broker in a small village near the border, they used to bring the girls to Murshidabad and nearby villages to enter India.

In fact, the Indore Police had rescued 21 Bangladeshi girls by running an operation in Lasudia and Vijay Nagar areas last 11 months ago. In which 11 Bangladeshi girls and other girls were also involved. Sagar alias Sando, Afreen, Amreen and others were made accused in this case, while Munir had escaped from there. According to the police, he has been caught from Surat and brought to Indore on Thursday. At the same time, Indore Police had placed a reward of 10 thousand rupees on Munir. He is a resident of Jasore area of ​​Bangladesh.

The accused married 75 girls

Significantly, in the interrogation conducted by the police, accused Munir told that till now he has married 75 girls and then sold them in India. There is a huge network behind its work. He said that the gang associated with the sex racket trains girls first in Kolkata, then in Mumbai, after that, on demand, they supply girls to other cities of the country in Bhopal and other cities.

Girls were trained in Kolkata and Mumbai

Let us tell you that the story behind bringing Bangladeshi girls here came to the fore, according to which agents of Bangladesh used to bring girls from poor families to Kolkata by secretly crossing the border on the pretext of getting them work. Here they were kept for more than a week. In which training was given for body language and better living. After the completion of training, the girls were sent to Mumbai and trained again here. After this, according to the demand from the cities, girls were sent to those cities. Along with this, their documents were kept before leaving the girls from Mumbai. The girls are from Bangladesh, agents used to identify it through eyes. Apart from the spa centers in Surat, he also sent girls to Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore.

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