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MP: Distressed by theft in the workshop, the owner made this unique plan, caught the thieves red handed, handed them over to the police

In Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, the people of the workshop woke up overnight and caught the thieves.

In Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, there has been a big success in the case of theft happening continuously for the last four days. The people of the workshop woke up all night and caught the thieves. The surprising thing is that for the last four days there were continuous theft incidents in Theft In Workshop. Due to which the people there were very upset. The people of the workshop present at the private bus stand woke up overnight and caught the thieves who had come to steal from the fur.

The operator of the binding workshop told that on Thursday night, 2 thieves again entered inside for theft. He was carrying two motors of water. At the same time, the people sitting in ambush caught him. After that everyone beat up the thieves fiercely. After that the police (MP Police) were informed about the matter by calling on dial 100. On hearing the news of the thieves, the police immediately reached the spot. After which the people of the workshop handed over both the thieves to the police.

Thief caught red handed from workshop

The shop owner was very upset due to the incidents of theft taking place in the workshop for four consecutive days. He planned to stay awake all night to catch the thieves. So that he can be caught red handed. The next night, as soon as the thief again entered the binding workshop for theft, he was caught red handed and handed over to the police. Thieves were cleaning their hands on a water motor from the workshop on Thursday night. The shop owner tied the thieves with a rope and handed them over to the police.

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