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Mouth or nose, from whom the sample taken will give the most accurate information about Omicron, understand from the expert

Omicron Testing: Scientists have raised questions on the testing done through kits at homes. Scientists say that Omicron is not like other variants, so there is a need to understand some things about the investigation. Know, which of the samples taken from saliva or nose is better to test it?

Scientists have raised questions on the home kit amid rising Omicron cases. (PS: Frankfurt)

Since the beginning of the epidemic, samples have been taken from the nose to test the corona. Kits available in the market for home testing (Corona home kit) I have been told to take a sample from the nose. Many scientists have raised questions about this home kit. He says the fast-spreading Omicron (Omicron) How accurate is this kit about? Many scientists say, there is a need to understand that in view of the current situation, COVID-19 (Covid-19) Which method is better for testing, samples taken from the nose or mouth. In research, many things have also come to the fore regarding sampling.

In the NYT report, Dr. Donald Milton, an expert at the University of Maryland, says that the virus first reaches the mouth or throat. This means that if we take a sample of saliva from the mouth rather than the nose, then the infection can be detected sooner. This has also been proved in many researches.

Amidst the increasing cases of Omicron, not only Dr. Donald Milton, there are many scientists who are clearly saying that the best way to test the virus is to take samples from the mouth. After checking them, accurate results come soon. It has also been revealed in many researches that if the mouth is examined, then the virus can be detected at an early stage itself.

Why samples taken by mouth are better, understand in 5 points

1- To explain his point, Dr. Donald Milton did research together with the team. Corona patients were included in this. These were patients in whom the symptoms of corona were not clearly visible.

2- Samples were taken from the nose and mouth of these corona patients. These samples were tested. The report revealed that more viruses were found in patients from whose mouth samples were taken.

3- According to the report, there were 3 times more virus in the sample taken from the mouth than in the nose. Oral samples were 12 times more accurate and more accurate.

4- In view of the increasing cases of Omicron, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America has approved saliva sample (S) for testing of students in schools.aliva-based P.C.R. tests) have been ordered to take.

5- Dr. Robbie Sikka, an expert associated with COVID testing, says, Omicron has changed the entire testing environment. It spreads the infection rapidly and increases its number. Many experts have also agreed that Omicron increases its numbers rapidly in the throat and mouth, so the Seliva sample is more preferable in such a situation.

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