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Mother’s Day 2022: Government job on one hand and mother’s duty on the other, Nidhi is doing her duty well by taking 19-month-old daughter in her lap

Nidhi Chaudhary posted as Health Community Health Officer in Jabalpur.

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Parshuram Tiwari, who is handling the reins of Dharampura Hospital, says that Community Health Officer Nidhi is doing her job well by staying there before her time and even after her time.

Someone has rightly said that God cannot be present everywhere. That’s why he has created mother. One of them is Nidhi Chaudhary. Whereas, Madhya Pradesh (Madhya PradeshThese days, Nidhi, posted as Community Health Officer at Dharampura Sub Health Center of Chargwan area in Jabalpur district of Jabalpur district, is performing her duty of government job and on the other hand the duty of being a mother with respect to her 19-month-old daughter Nidhika. There is no feeling of tiredness in the face of the mother while fulfilling her duties. Worked hard for the job but did not give up.

During this, Nidhi told that she was born in Sagar. Where after studying in the conditions of poverty, gave interview exams at many places. But didn’t get the job. Then she started working in a private hospital in Sagar. Even after this, Nidhi did not give up and in 2020, the door of luck opened and her first posting in the health department was in the post of nurse in Chargwan area of ​​Jabalpur district. Nidhi told that she was married to Vikram Chaudhary, a technician posted in Jabalpur Indian Railway. After a few days, the fund has been transferred to Dharampura village. For the last one year, Nidhi has been serving in Dharampura Sub Health Center.

Day and night services being provided in the hospital

At the same time, community health officer Nidhi Chaudhary in Dharampura village had such a passion to serve the villagers that about 8 months ago she was staying day and night in the hospital with her 11-month-old daughter in the time of this disaster of corona infection. . Whether it is day or night, if she sees the villagers in trouble, she immediately reaches home to understand their pain, get treatment.

Have to travel 2 kilometers on foot

During this, Nidhi tells that she wakes up every morning and does all the household chores. Her husband works in Railway. For this reason, she travels alone in a bus from Jabalpur with her innocent daughter and reaches the village of Bichhua. Then from there on foot, taking her daughter in her lap, traveling a distance of 2 km, reaches her destination.

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No one wants to go to tribal area

On this, Parashuram Tiwari, who is handling the reins of Dharampura Hospital, says that Community Health Officer Nidhi is doing her work well by staying there before her time and even after her time. Because being tribal and rural areas, employees do not like to come to this area. But, with her 19-month-old daughter, Nidhi is doing her job well from the health center to the field as well.

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