Medicinal Plant Farming: By cultivating these plants, 6 lakhs will be earned in one acre, there will be no need for fertilizer

झारखंड के चतरा जिले के किसान ने मजदूरी के बजाय खेती को अपनाया, आज कर रहे हैं अच्छी कमाई

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The government, which is engaged in doubling the income of farmers, is encouraging the cultivation of cash crops by moving away from traditional farming. The best option among cash crops is the cultivation of medicinal plants. Due to their use in medicines and other necessities, their demand remains throughout the year and farmers earn big money.

One such medicinal plant is Stevia. Its cultivation is now being done commercially in India. Companies are already contracting and cultivating stevia. Due to this, farmers are getting the benefit that they do not have to worry about selling their produce. A farmer from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, who is cultivating Sweetiva, says that it earns up to Rs 6 lakh in one acre. At the same time, the expenditure in this comes to only one lakh rupees.

Keep these things in mind for Stevia cultivation

For cultivation of medicinal plant stevia, 20 to 25 tonnes of decomposed manure or earthworm manure should be given 7 to 8 tonnes per acre per year. The best thing about this crop is that there is no disease in it. Stevia is planted from cuttings. For this, 15 cm long cuttings are cut and prepared in polythene bags. Another advantage in its cultivation is that only indigenous manure works in it.

You can sow anytime except two months

Farmers can sow it in the remaining ten months except June and December. Once the crop is sown, the crop can be obtained every three months in a year. Stevia is planted on the bunds. On 9 inch high weir, row to row distance is 40 cm and plant to plant distance is 15 cm.

By the way, it can be planted in any month except June and December. But according to agricultural scientists, the months of February and March are considered the most suitable for planting Stevia. It takes at least 40 thousand stevia plants to cultivate one acre. Stevia can be cultivated even on small pieces of land.

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