Manish Gupta Murder: Inspector and outpost in-charge arrested with a reward of one lakh, police arrested from Gorakhpur hotel

Manish Gupta Murder: एक लाख का इनामी इंस्पेक्टर और चौकी प्रभारी  गिरफ्तार, गोरखपुर के होटल से पुलिस ने धर-दबोचा

One lakh prize inspector and outpost in-charge, absconding in Manish Gupta murder case, have been arrested.

In the Manish Gupta murder case, an absconding inspector and outpost in-charge of one lakh absconding has been arrested. Police arrested him after raiding a hotel in Gorakhpur. Police Inspector Jagat Narayan Singh and Sub Inspector Akshay Mishra are accused in the death case of Manish Gupta. Both have been arrested by the police from the hotel. Both were on the run since the allegations of Manish Gupta’s death were made. But now both are in the custody of the police. Manish, a resident of Kanpur, went to Gorakhpur with his friends on the night of 27 September. He was staying in a hotel. Then the police had reached there to check. Manish and his friends were brutally beaten up by the police in the name of checking. Manish was killed in this beating. Some policemen were accused of death.

People say that hunger for money made both the policemen (UP Police) murderers. In most of the complaints that came to the police station, GN Singh continued to bear the scars of recovery. GM Singh never tried to explain these stains. GN Singh has been openly accused in the matter of land grabbing or vacating. Not only this, many complaints even went to the CM. From there action was called for. But in the name of investigation, the action was suppressed.

Policeman accused in Manish’s death case arrested

During the tenure of GN Singh, there was a lot of discussion about three cases of land dispute. Archana Singh, wife of Satish Singh, a resident of Ramjanki Nagar, had given an application on June 15 in the CM office located at Gorakhpur temple. It is alleged that whenever she used to go for construction on the land taken in the year 2013 in Ramgarhtal area, some people used to beat up her laborers and drive them away.

Manish died due to beating in police custody

Kanpur-based property dealer Manish Gupta was killed due to an alleged beating in the custody of Ramgarhtal police station in Gorakhpur district. According to the owner of Krishna Palace Hotel, Inspector JN Singh and his team came at around 12.04 in the midnight and ordered the hotel manager Adarsh ​​Pandey, who was present at the reception, to search the rooms. The policemen had found out by looking at the register that there are three guests in room number 512, they have come from different cities. The policemen went inside the room and the door was closed, after which the staff did not know what happened.

Policemen took Manish from the hotel

The hotel owner had told that after some time the policemen were taking Manish Gupta by hanging. Two policemen held hands. At the same time, two of his staff were called and asked to hold their feet. There was also a recording in the CCTV footage of taking him outside to the car, but it was taken away by the policemen. The shocking truth was revealed in Manish’s postmortem report. The postmortem of Manish’s body was done by a special panel of doctors. Since the matter was of suspicious death in police custody, videography of the postmortem process which lasted for several hours was also done.

The post-mortem report revealed that Manish has serious injury marks on his head, face and body. Manish was hit hard on the front side of the head, due to which blood was bleeding from near his nose. A case of murder has been registered against six policemen in this case.

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