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Maharashtra government will fall from its own burden, we do not have to fall, Devendra Fadnavis said on Anil Deshmukh’s resignation

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Dekhmukh has resigned following the Bombay High Court’s decision in connection with allegations related to the recovery of 100 crore by former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh.

Devendra Fadnavis (File Photo)

Devendra Fadanvis, reacting to Anil Deshmukh Resignation, said that this resignation was expected. This resignation should have been given in advance. Ethics should have been followed in advance. But alas, the court had to wait for the verdict. Fadnavis further said that the silence of the Chief Minister is still surprising. His last reaction is that I remember what he said was Sachin Waje Laden? After this, he did not give any response.

Fadnavis said that the police department’s recruitment of 100 crores in the work of recovery, bribery in transfer-posting are not all minor incidents. As the case progresses, many faces will be exposed and in a way state sponsored corruption has entered into a large scale in the politics and police department of Maharashtra, all of them will be cleared. The police department works at the behest of political masters. She does nothing by herself, she is given instructions. Devendra Fadnavis also said that this investigation will not be limited to Anil Deshmukh. During this investigation, curtains will be removed from many faces.

Where did the morality of the Thackeray government first go?

The CBI will decide whether CBI will arrest them or not. But how much is it that the police could investigate this objectively while holding the post of Home Minister? Therefore, the court has entrusted the investigation of this case to the CBI. Now the question arises whether there is any morality left in this government? I was constantly raising questions, giving evidence, but the investigation was not going on. On the contrary, pressure was being put on me that an inquiry would be conducted against me. The Shiv Sena cannot refrain from this matter because all important decisions are made by order of the CM. That is why NCP is not alone, it is also the responsibility of Shiv Sena. The Congress was also looking for its land in this entire matter. Therefore, there is no morality left in this government. Today, the resignation has been taken after the decision of the court. Where did morality first go in the Thackeray government?

Maharashtra government will fall from its own burden

Devendra Fadnavis, while commenting about the Thackeray government, said that this is a government made by betraying the trust of the people. It is a government made by manipulation without obtaining mandate. There is no coordination among the three parties in this three-wheeled government. If one party runs here and the other party there. The public is now bored seeing the exploits of the Thackeray government. The government will fall from its own burden. We do not need to bring down the government.

Sanjay Raut said – the copy of the judgment has not come

At the same time, Shiv Sena spokesman Sanjay Raut gave this response after the decision of the High Court in the recovery case of Anil Deshmukh, he has not got a copy of the decision. They have not read. People involved in the government will give answers in this matter. Sharad Pawar or Chief Minister will give. They have nothing to do with it. Devendra Fadnavis, while replying to Sanjay Raut’s response, said that Sanjay Raut’s situation is strange, the subject should not be spoken, he speaks a lot. Where they cannot save their government, they give the same answer that they did not read the report, they do not know anything.

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Secrets of recovery of crores uncovered from the diary of Sachin Waje, hand of NIA, commissioner level officer also included


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