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Maharashtra Corona: What is the secret of zero corona in Malegaon, Maharashtra? There is 6 lakh population, yet there is no infection here, why?

The corona positivity rate is zero in Malegaon, Nashik district of Maharashtra. This news can surprise anyone. A team of 12 doctors has reached Malegaon to know the secret.

corona in maharashtra

The average corona infection in Maharashtra is going beyond 40 thousand every day. Corona is scaring the whole country with its effect. Along with this, the havoc of Corona’s new variant Omicron is also continuing. That is, the crisis is constantly heavy. But in Malegaon of Nashik district of Maharashtra, the corona positivity rate is zero. This news can surprise anyone. But the news is hundred percent sure and true. In the second and third wave of corona, there have been frequent complaints from Malegaon that people here do not follow the corona rules properly. They do not wear masks, do not keep distance of two hands. People were barely coming in front for vaccination, yet why is there less corona infection here? To know this secret, a team of 12 doctors has reached Malegaon.

Has so much immunity developed inside people in Malegaon that it is not affecting people? Is here that the population of six lakhs has been well exposed to the corona virus and herd immunity is affecting the entire area? Is covid virus infection changing its pattern in Malegaon? After all, what is the matter that despite having a population of lakhs, only 35 cases have been reported here? What is the matter that the positivity rate has become zero in this area of ​​Nashik? After all, there is some secret that on Thursday, a team of 40 doctors has reached here with full equipment to know the secret of the decreasing corona infection. It is a matter of fact that in December last year, the Nashik district administration had written a letter to the Health Department of Maharashtra, urging it to investigate in depth.

Team of 40 doctors is examining 2500 samples, want to know the secrets of decreasing corona infection

This team of 40 doctors has now taken blood samples of two and a half thousand people and sent them to the lab of Dhule for examination. Antibodies and ELISA of these samples will be tested in the lab. The main objective of the investigation is the same. When corona infection is reaching lakhs across the country. When corona infection is reaching thousands across the state, then how is the corona positivity rate in Malegaon stable at zero. After all, what is the level of disease prevention capacity of six lakh population here.

This research has been started by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and Nashik district administration. If in this research any true reason for the fall of corona infection is revealed here, then that research will be effective in controlling corona infection in the state and other parts of the country as well.

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