Maharashtra Bandh: Violent ‘Maharashtra Bandh’, Deputy Mayor’s husband beat up rickshaw driver in Thane, vandalized BEST buses, tires burnt in Mumbai-Solapur

Maharashtra Bandh: हिंसक हुआ 'महाराष्ट्र बंद', ठाणे में डिप्टी मेयर के पति ने की रिक्शा चालक की पिटाई, बेस्ट बसों में तोड़-फोड़, मुंबई-सोलापुर में टायरें जलीं

Maharashtra bandh turned violent

Today (October 11, Monday) Maha Vikas Aghadi has called for Maharashtra Bandh in protest against Lakhimpur Khiri Violence.Maharashtra Bandh) is invoked. Leaders and workers of Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena are out on the streets to make the bandh a success. But since morning this Maharashtra bandh is seen taking a violent turn. A video of the beating of an auto rickshaw driver from Thane, adjacent to Mumbai, has surfaced. It is worth noting that the auto rickshaw driver has been beaten up by the deputy mayor’s husband Pawan Kadam. The crime of the rickshaw driver was that he had gone out for employment on the roads, ignoring the call for Maharashtra bandh.

Video of auto rickshaw driver beating surfaced, buses were vandalized and stopped

Violent incidents are coming to the fore one after the other since this morning. Eight BEST buses were vandalized early this morning. After this, security was demanded from the drivers of BEST bus. And after a while the BEST buses went to the depots. This entire incident has been said to be pre-planned by the BJP. That is, the BJP believes that an excuse was found to stop the buses so that the bandh could be shown to be successful. Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis said that it was told that the bandh will be done peacefully. The pretense of Mahavikas Aghadi has come to the fore. Using the machinery of the state government, it is being stopped on the basis of sticks.

Meanwhile, Mumbai local train is started. But complete vaccination is necessary for traveling in the train. In such a situation, the general public has been deprived of traveling in both train and bus. After this, the medium of auto rickshaw and taxi remains for public transport. Due to their forcible closure, the common people are facing a lot of problems. In Mumbai, students had to complete the admission process in the college. But due to non-availability of any means of transport from Bandra to Byculla, many students could not reach the college.

Tires were burnt in Mumbai and Solapur, movement was stopped by standing on the roads

While Shiv Sainiks burnt tires on the Eastern Expressway near Vikhroli in Mumbai, there have been incidents of young soldiers burning tires in Solapur too. In Kolhapur also, Shiv Sainiks forcibly affected the traffic on the highway. People were stopped from moving. In Chandrapur also, Mahavikas Aghadi workers turned to violence to close the shops. The police intervened and saved the shopkeeper from being beaten up.

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