Maharashtra: 13 power plants closed due to shortage of coal, MSEDCL appeals to customers to use less electricity

Maharashtra: कोयले की किल्लत की वजह से बंद किए गए 13 पावर प्लाट्स, MSEDCL की ग्राहकों से कम बिजली इस्तेमाल की अपील

Due to the shortage of coal, 13 power plants in Maharashtra have been closed for the time being.

Due to the Coal Crisis, 13 power plants in Maharashtra have been closed for the time being (13 Power Plant Shut Down). The state electricity regulator has appealed to the people to use minimum electricity. Due to the shortage of coal, 13 power plants have been temporarily closed. This has also affected the power supply. MSEDCL has asked consumers to use electricity sparingly from 6 am to 10 am and 6 pm to 10 pm. In fact, the demand for electricity at this time is more than the supply. Keeping the balance of supply, people have been appealed to use electricity sparingly.

MSEDCL Chairman and Managing Director Vijay Singhal said that the power company is buying electricity at a higher price of Rs 20 per unit, so that people do not face any problem. Vijay Singhal said that in view of the coal situation, the situation is expected to be under control for the next 10 days. Singhal told The Indian Express that there is a shortage of about 15-200000 MW of electricity in the state. Because of this they have to buy electricity from the market. In this, they have to pay as much as Rs 20 per unit. But for the convenience of the people, electricity is being purchased from outside.

No 3330 MW power supply

Vijay Singhal says that the situation has become such that 3330 MW power is not being supplied. Efforts are being made to supply electricity from water and other sources along with immediate procurement to meet this shortfall. He said that due to the shortage of coal across the country, the production of electricity is decreasing for the last few days. MSEDCL Chairman Singhal said that 210 MW units at Mahagenco, Bhusaval and Nashik in Chandrapur, Paras-250 MW and 500 MW power units at Bhusaval and Chandrapur have been temporarily shut down. Apart from this, four units of 640 MW of Postal Gujarat Power Limited (Gujarat) and three units of 810 MW of Ratan India Power Limited (Amravati) are also closed.

Electricity being bought from outside at expensive prices

At present, a gap of 3330 MW is being seen between the demand and availability of electricity. To meet this shortage, electricity is being purchased from the market. Due to the increasing demand for electricity across the country, electricity is getting expensive. 700 MW power is being purchased in the open market at the rate of Rs 13.60 per unit. Apart from this, electricity is also being procured through Koyna Dam as well as other small hydro power plants and through non-conventional energy sources.

With the increase in heat in Maharashtra, the demand for electricity has also increased. MSEDCL supplied 17,289 MW of power across Maharashtra except Mumbai on Saturday. It is being told that in the last 24 hours, due to rain in some parts of the state, there has been a decrease in the demand for electricity. On Sunday morning, 18,200 MW of electricity was supplied in Maharashtra.

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