Madhya Pradesh will again become number 1 in soybean production, expected to produce 119 lakh tonnes in the country with an increase of 14 percent

मध्य प्रदेश की रतलाम मंडी में किसान ने 16,151 रुपए प्रति क्विंटल के भाव से बेचा सोयाबीन, पहली बार मिली इतनी कीमत

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Madhya Pradesh has been the leading state of the country in soybean production. The farmers of the state cultivate soybean on a large scale during the Kharif season. This is the reason why Madhya Pradesh has been number 1 in soybean production for a long time. But last year, due to bad weather, pest attack and reduction in acreage, Maharashtra had emerged victorious in soybean production. But this time Madhya Pradesh can again get the number one tag.

According to an estimate, this year the production of soybean in Madhya Pradesh can be more than 52 lakh tonnes. Whereas Maharashtra is expected to produce 48 lakh tonnes. Experts say that if there was no shortage of seeds in Madhya Pradesh during the sowing season, then the figure of soybean production in the state could have crossed 6 million tonnes. Along with Madhya Pradesh, soybean production is expected to increase in the entire country. Soybean production is expected to jump by 14 per cent this year due to increase in acreage and good monsoon rains.

Soybean production estimated to be 119 lakh tonnes this year

Indore-based Soybean Processors Association of India (SOPA) has said in a statement that soybean production is estimated to increase by 14 per cent to about 11.9 million tonnes this year due to higher sown area and the prospect of improving productivity.

In its estimate released on Sunday, SOPA said that in the year 2021, the total area under soybean is 119.984 lakh hectares. The government’s area estimate is 123.677 lakh hectares. Last year the total area under soybean in Kharif season was 118.383 lakh hectare. “The estimated total production of soybean crop all over India in the year 2021 is 118.889 lakh tonnes, which is 14.337 lakh tonnes (13.71 per cent) higher than the previous year,” Sopa said. Last year’s production was 104.55 lakh tonnes.

Maharashtra was number 1 in soybean production last year

“The average yield for the year 2021 is estimated at 991 kg per hectare, as against 883 kg per hectare during the year 2020,” the association said. Soybean is a major oilseed crop grown in Kharif season. Out of the total estimated production this year, Madhya Pradesh is estimated to produce 52.3 lakh tonnes and Maharashtra 48.3 lakh tonnes. Last year, Madhya Pradesh produced 41.8 lakh tonnes and Maharashtra produced 45.44 lakh tonnes.

Soybean MSP is Rs 3950

According to SOPA data, the average productivity per hectare of soybean in the country during the current Kharif season is estimated to be 991 kg, which is 12.25 percent higher than last time. In the Kharif season of the year 2020, the productivity per hectare of soybean was estimated at a national average of 883 kg. The central government has fixed the minimum support price (MSP) of soybean at Rs 3,950 per quintal for the Kharif marketing season of 2021-22. This rate of MSP is Rs 70 per quintal more than the previous session.

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