Madhya Pradesh: The cost of the farmers is not being able to meet the cost of chilli.

मध्य प्रदेश: मिर्च की जो कीमत मिल रही उससे किसानों की लागत तक नहीं निकल पा रही

Chilli cultivation is proving to be a loss-making deal. This year the production has been very high, due to which the price is not being received. Got a good price last year.

Farmers upset due to fall in chilli prices.

The farmers cultivating chillies in Madhya Pradesh are in trouble. Due to more production, the price of chili has come down so much that even the cost is not being met. More is being spent in plucking from the field than what is being received in the market. Farmers are upset due to falling prices.

Cost is eight rupees per kg, the price is getting 10 to 12 rupees

Jitendra Kumar, a farmer of district Kharagon, told TV 9 Hindi over the phone that chilli cultivation is proving to be a loss-making deal for him. This year the production has been very high, due to which the price is not being received. They say that a kilo of chili is costing at least 8 rupees. The price in the market is 10 to 12 rupees per kg. The laborer charges 3 to 4 rupees to break a kilo. Now tell me, there is no profit in this, money is going out of pocket.

Jitendra says that last year at this time the price of chili was more than Rs 40 per kg. Seeing the good price last year, this year the farmers increased the area. Now everyone is repenting.

why the price fell

An official of the Madhya Pradesh Horticulture Department, on the condition of anonymity, said that seeing last year’s price, farmers increased sowing this year. But farmers need not despair. When this chilli becomes red after drying, then its price will be good, in such a situation, farmers should not sell the crop by taking loss now.

Nimar Major Producing Area

The Nimar region of western Madhya Pradesh is counted among the major chilli producing regions of the country. According to government data, the annual chilli production in the state is currently at a level of about 2.18 lakh tonnes. This includes 54,451 tonnes of chilli production in five districts of Nimar region – Khargone, Dhar, Khandwa, Barwani and Alirajpur. That is, the share of Nimar zone alone in the total chilli production of the state is 25 percent.

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