Madhya Pradesh: Shivraj government has given permission to organize Garba, gym and coaching centers will open completely after October 15

Madhya Pradesh: शिवराज सरकार ने गरबा के आयोजन की दी इजाजत, 15 अक्टूबर के बाद पूरी तरह खुल जाएंगे जिम और कोचिंग सेंटर्स

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The festive season has started in the country and the pace of corona cases is also low. In such a situation, if we talk about the Madhya Pradesh government, then the government has given great relief to the public in the restrictions of Corona. The government has given permission to the people to play Garbe this time as a relief. This time Garba can be played in the streets during Navratri, but commercial Garba on a large scale has been banned this time also.

At the same time, coaching centers and gyms will also open with full hundred percent capacity from October 15. Along with this, Durga pandals will be set up in the cities this time too, but there has been a ban on moving celebrations.

Durga pandal will be set up in the city

The government has given some relaxation on the ongoing restrictions in the state due to Corona. In the virtual meeting of Shivraj cabinet held late on Tuesday evening, the new guidelines of Corona have been stamped. This time permission has been given to set up Durga Pandal in Navratri, but in this the COVID guide line will have to be followed. However, no movement will be allowed for any kind of function.

Coaching classes and gyms will open

The government has given permission to play Garba in colonies and societies, but there will be a ban on commercial Garba. DJs and bands will be able to play till 10 pm. The cabinet stamped the opening of coaching classes and gyms with 100% capacity. After October 15, coaching centers will be able to open with 100% capacity and stadiums with 50% capacity.

Only 5 people will be able to be present at the religious place at a time. 300 people have been allowed to be present in marriage ceremonies and government events. 200 people will be able to go to the funeral. Ravana combustion can be done in the colony and society. However, permission will have to be taken for mass events.

These decisions were also taken in the cabinet

Apart from this, some other important decisions have also been taken in Shivraj cabinet. A decision has been taken regarding compensation for land acquisition in the Atal Progress Way passing through Gwalior Chambal area. Under this, compensation of double the price will be given in lieu of land acquisition, as well as exchange of government land can also be done as compensation. Rs 50 crore has been approved for Indore Milk Plant.

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