Madhya pradesh: Say devotion or superstition! On the fulfillment of the vow, the women cut their tongue and offered it to Mother Sharda.

Madhya pradesh: भक्ति कहें या अंधविश्वास! मन्नत पूरी होने पर महिलाओं ने अपनी जीभ काट मां शारदा को चढ़ाई

After the tongue was cut, the family members did not take the woman to the hospital

In the nine days of Navratri, the whole country asks Goddess Durga for the fulfillment of her wishes. On the other hand, the devotees whose wishes are fulfilled, they also offer gifts to Mother Bhagwati according to their capacity. There are some of these devotees who are so engrossed in the devotion of the mother that superstition is overshadowing their faith. A 25-year-old woman cut off her tongue and offered her at the feet of the goddess in the court of Mother Sharda (Sharda temple of Maihar). The incident is being told on Monday, after which there was a stir in the temple premises.

The name of the woman is Rama Bansal, who is a resident of Raigad police station Devendra Nagar district Panna. On the completion of the vow, Rama cut off his tongue and offered it in the temple of Mother Sharda. After which he was taken to the hospital. Where Dr Naresh Nigam investigated and told that now the condition of the woman is fine, there is no danger to her life.

After cutting off her cheek, the family members of the woman started bhajan kirtan

The family members did not take the woman to the hospital after the woman’s mother Sharda was cut off and the family members made her lie down in the temple premises. And started singing bhajans. When this information reached the police, immediately the police came there in the temple premises and explained to the family members that they should take the woman to the hospital, but the family was adamant that they would not leave without performing aarti.

The victim sat in the temple for 2 hours after biting her tongue

Even after cutting her cheek, the family members of the woman continued to perform bhajan-kirtan in the temple with the victim for two hours. Even after persuading the police, he was not ready to leave from there. The relatives said that they would take her to the hospital only after the night aarti. However, later the woman went to the doctor. Where the doctor told the woman’s life out of danger.

Another woman bit her tongue in mother’s court

Another woman who came to see Mother Sharda cut her tongue and offered it to the mother. When the woman bit her tongue, she fell unconscious. Blood started pouring out of his mouth. After which the police force present on the spot picked up the woman with immediate effect and got her admitted to the primary health center from the temple. Where his condition is now being told to improve.

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