Madhya Pradesh: Private hospital of Jabalpur made 90 thousand bill for 24 hours, reduced 60 thousand after fear of collector’s action

Madhya Pradesh: जबलपुर के प्राइवेट अस्पताल ने 24 घंटे का 90 हजार बनाया बिल, कलेक्टर की कार्रवाई के डर के बाद 60 हजार किया कम

Private hospital in Jabalpur made a bill of 90 thousand

A private hospital in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur (Madhya pradesh, Jabalpur) made a patient’s bill of 90 thousand rupees for just 24 hours. After which the patient’s condition deteriorated, he was referred to the Medical College. At the same time, the family members are surprised to see so much bill. After which he has complained about this to Collector Care Buy. Collector Karmaveer Sharma has asked CMHO Ratnesh Kuraria to look into the matter. CMHO sent Nodal Officer Dr. Priyank Dubey to the spot.

After which when action was taken on the hospital. Then 60 thousand rupees were reduced in the bill. The cost of the hospital was 14 thousand, the expenditure on medicine and investigation got only 16 thousand rupees. The hospital had told the cost of hospital, doctor’s visit and ventilator only 60 thousand rupees instead of 24 hours. This bill was for two days.

90 thousand bill made in less than 24 hours

Lalit Sarathe of Gadarwara in Narsinghpur district was admitted by the family members to Sanskardhani Hospital in Madhotal on Saturday evening for treatment. He is suffering from a disease called Pyogenic Meningitis. He was put on ventilator as soon as he reached the hospital. On Sunday, the hospital management made a bill of 90 thousand and referred the patient to the medical college after the condition worsened. The family members were also surprised to see the huge bill for less than 24 hours. The family members even requested to reduce the bill citing the financial situation, but the hospital management was not ready to reduce the bill.

complaint to collector

Seeing the family members upset, a person gave them the care by collector number. After which the relatives sent a message for help giving details about the patient on this number. Following the instructions of the Collector and CMHO, Dr. Priyank Dubey reached the hospital and met the relatives of the patient. After this, all the documents of the hospital related to the treatment were checked.

2 day bill made in one day

According to Dr. Priyank Dubey, the hospital did the billing haphazardly. The patient was brought on Saturday evening. The patient was on ventilator for 24 hours, but the charge was increased to 60 thousand rupees by adding two days. This included hospital expenses, doctor visits and ventilator expenses. Similarly, the bill of medicines was made 30 thousand rupees. He reprimanded and threatened to suspend the license.

After which the hospital charged 14 thousand rupees for one day for ICU and ventilator. The cost of medicines and tests was 16 thousand rupees instead of 30 thousand. In this way, the hospital management agreed to reduce the bill by 60 thousand rupees. In the evening the patient was shifted to the medical college.

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