Madhya Pradesh: More than 50 people of the same village deteriorated after eating Bhandara’s food, admitted to the district hospital; 5 in critical condition

Madhya Pradesh: भंडारे का खाना खाकर एक ही गांव के 50 से ज्यादा लोगों की बिगड़ी तबीयत, जिला अस्पताल में किया गया भर्ती; 5 की हालत गंभीर

People vomit after eating dinner

A surprising case has come to light from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. Here in a village, about 50 children and women have become ill after eating food from a banquet program. This incident took place on Saturday evening in Damora village of Hastinapur, Gwalior. All the sick people have been admitted to Murar Hospital in Gwalior. Where after giving first aid, he has been referred to Gajra Raja Medical College. The condition of five of these patients remains critical at present.

According to sources, a Bhandara was organized on Saturday evening at the house of Balwant Singh Gurjar of the village. When people reached their homes after having food, they started having problems of vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea.

Team sent to test the rest of the village people

Murar Hospital in-charge Dr. Alok Purohit told that about 50 children and women have fallen ill due to food poisoning. Five of these patients are seriously ill. He said that a team of doctors and paramedical personnel has been sent along with an ambulance to ascertain the health status of other people in the village.

Patients treated on the ground

Due to the continuous increase in the number of patients, the situation in the district hospital Murar also started deteriorating. The situation has become such that here patients have to be given treatment by being admitted on the ground in the gallery. Drip stands were installed in the entire gallery, as the patients continued to come. At the same time, after getting information about food poisoning in the village, CMHO Dr Manish Sharma, SDM SDM HB Sharma reached Hastinapur with the team.

The health of these people is deteriorating

Munnesh, Rani, Krishna, Jyoti, Geeta Bai admitted to JAH are undergoing treatment. Whereas among the children Nandni 10 years, Sourav 16 years, Roshni 16 years, Laxman Singh 65 years, Sheela Bai 65 years, Yogendra 14 years, Shalu 8 years, Kanha 5 years, Rajendra 23 years, Preeti 20 years, Balwant 50 years, Kedar 55 years old, Devki Bai 48 years old, Kiran 48 years old, Durgesh 7 years old, Bipasha 14 years old, Ankita 10 years old, Ritu 14 years old, Ramvaran 63 years, Lavkush 8 years old, Chhotu 25 years old, Kailasha 48 years old, Jamvati 44 years old, Madhu 35 years old Saal, Puran 30 years, Betu 8 years, Raja 50 years, Vivesh 16 years, Mamta 30 years, Jyoti Ramakhtiyar 10 years, Kunti 60 years, Tanya 5 years, Kailashi 65 years, Rashmi 15 years and Shivam 8 years. Apart from this, some other people are also undergoing treatment in the hospital.

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