Madhya Pradesh: Minor children became robbers to play PUBG in expensive mobile, carried out a dozen robbery incidents

Madhya Pradesh: महंगे मोबाइल में PUBG खेलने के लिए नाबालिग बच्चे बने लुटेरे, एक दर्जन लूट की वारदातों को दिया अंजाम

Pubg game addiction among minors (signal picture)

The addiction of online games in children is increasing in such a way that they even take the opposite steps in the affair of the game. One such recent case has come to light from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Where PUBG Game Addiction made two minors into robbers. Because of which he carried out more than a dozen incidents.

Now the police have caught both the accused in the case. According to the police, one of the two minors is 16 years old and the other is 17 years old. During interrogation, both the accused told that they had to play PUBG in the group. For this, expensive mobile phones were needed. To buy this, both of them made a plan of robbery.

Bought expensive phone and branded shoes and clothes with loot money

After that he committed many crimes. Both told that they bought expensive mobile phones as well as branded shoes and clothes with the looted money. Both the accused told that they used to target women and girls. Because the chances of getting caught in it were less. At the same time, when the police came to know about it, then the whole matter came to the fore. After which the Indore police caught both the minors from Banganga area.

The child gave up his life if the money was lost in the online game

At the same time, only a few months ago, he gave his life in the affair of online games in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh. Where a 13-year-old boy lost money in a game called Free Fire, on which the mother scolded, the only son hanged himself to death. The child also wrote a suicide note. In which it was written that he has lost about 40 thousand rupees so far in the affair of free fire game. It was also written in the note that I am sorry mother, don’t cry.

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