Madhya Pradesh: Electricity generation halved due to shortage of coal, government forced to take power from private sector

बिजली संकट पर राज्यों में 'हाय-तौबा': सरकार ने बताई वजह, जानें खदानों में कितना बचा है कोयला और क्यों पैदा हुआ संकट

power crisis. (file photo)

In Madhya Pradesh too, power generation in different power plants is getting affected due to the shortage of coal. The situation is such that electricity production is being reduced by less than half as compared to normal days. In order to provide electricity to cities and villages, the government is forced to take electricity from the private sector. Although the government is trying its best to provide coal, the situation remains worrying. However, it is a matter of relief that the demand of electricity in the state is being met.

The average demand in the state is about 10 thousand MW, while the maximum demand is about 11 thousand MW. On October 11 at 7 pm, the maximum demand was 10 thousand 853 MW, which was supplied uninterrupted.

Electricity demand increased since 15 days

According to the information given by the power company to the government, the demand for electricity is increasing in the state for the last 15 days. More than 22 crore units of electricity are being provided daily. The State Government is in constant touch with Coal India and the Central Government. About 16 lakh tonnes of additional coal is being supplied through railways and roadways. The government claims that there will be no shortage of electricity in the upcoming Rabi season and festivals.

There are so many thermal power plants in the state

  • Amarkantak, Satpura, Birsinghpur and Shri Singaji are the 4 power houses in the state.
  • 7 days of coal left in Amarkantak
  • 3 days of coal left in Satpura
  • 4 days of coal left in Birsinghpur
  • Shri Singaji has 2 days of coal left

so much coal left

  • 24522 coal available in Amarkantak
  • 56127 coal is available in Satpura
  • 79956 coal is available in Birsinghpur
  • 72218 coal is available in Shree Singaji

Out of the daily coal stock, 5000 MT is also being utilized in addition to the supply. While the total availability is 2.328 lakh metric tonnes. According to the information, this condition of availability and supply of coal is in this condition for almost a month. According to the government data, till September and October 11, electricity has been supplied without any announced or undeclared cuts.

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