Madhya pradesh: Ban on entry of non-Hindus in Garba pandals of Ratlam, Hindu organizations put up posters

Madhya pradesh: रतलाम के गरबा पंडालों में गैर हिंदुओं के प्रवेश पर रोक, हिंदूवादी संगठनों ने लगाए पोस्टर

Non-Hindu organizations are prohibited in Garba pandals

Posters have been put up by Hindu organizations (Vishva Hindu Parishad) outside the Garba Pandals in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. It is written on these posters that the entry of non-Hindus in the Garba pandal is prohibited. After putting up such posters, the matter has now heated up. Such banners are being put up in all the Garba pandals of the city. This is the first time that such posters are being seen in the Garba pandals of the city. Regarding this, VHP Dharma Prasar activists say that non-Hindus do not follow Hindu rituals in their religious beliefs, so they should not even come to Garba pandals.

At the same time, the organizers of Garba have also supported these posters put up by Hindu organizations. Organizers say that we will keep an eye on anti-social elements. Now this poster of VHP is becoming fiercely viral on social media. After which many questions are also arising on this.

Will check identity card if needed

Chandan Sharma, in-charge of VHP’s Dharma Prasar Wing, said that we have written in every poster that the entry of non-Hindus is prohibited. People of certain religions come, we have a question from them that when Hindu girls do garba, why have they come. If he is in love with Garba, then he should also bring women from his home to play Garba. Chandan Sharma says that if needed, the identity cards of those visiting the pandals will also be checked.

Organizers also came out in support

The organizers have also supported this campaign of VHP. The organizers have said that we make separate arrangements for women and men in our pandals. The organizers said that we have the identity of the audience and people of our area. We organize Garbe every year in our locality. It is easy for us to identify outsiders. Some people have also said that we will also make arrangements to apply tilak for the people coming to the pandal. However, till now the administration is silent in this matter, and is talking of action on receiving the complaint.

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