Madhya Pradesh: Amidst the power crisis in the state, the Energy Minister is roaming the buffalo on the roads, people are in awe after the video surfaced

Madhya Pradesh: प्रदेश में बिजली संकट के बीच ऊर्जा मंत्री सड़कों पर घुमा रहे हैं भैंस, वीडियो सामने आने के बाद हैरत में लोग

Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar (File photo).

At present, there is a huge power shortage in the entire country including Madhya Pradesh. This problem has arisen due to shortage of coal. On the other hand, a video of Madhya Pradesh Energy Minister Pradhuman Singh Tomar is currently going viral on social media. In this video, the Energy Minister is seen holding a buffalo rope on the road and carrying it. This video is being told of Sunday night. On this day Energy Minister Tomar has returned to Gwalior. He also inspected the power station in Bahodapur on Monday morning, but his taking buffalo on the roads is the most discussed. However, till now the side of Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar has not come in this matter.

This video of the Energy Minister is going viral on social media, it is only 30 seconds. In this video, Minister Tomar is holding a buffalo rope in his hand. And they are going on the road in the dark clearing the traffic. The police force stationed in his service is going after him. While going out on the road, he is also laughing and laughing.

Sometimes they climb on the sewer and sometimes on the transformer.

Pradyuman Singh Tomar is known for his different style. They do some work in such a way that they come in discussions on social media. Before getting into the sewer and cleaning it. He always dominates social media due to his style of doing cleaning by climbing an electric transformer, doing Shramdaan in the crematorium as well as sitting on the ground and listening to the complaints of the people.

Power crisis is increasing in the state

The effect of the nationwide crisis of coal in power plants is also visible in Madhya Pradesh. The situation in the state till two days ago was that only 592 thousand tonnes of coal is left. The coal in Khargone is completely exhausted. In Gadarwada also only one day’s coal is left. This will create power crisis in the state. Despite this, the Energy Minister claims that there will be no power crisis in the state.

Two days of coal is left in the Shree Singaji Thermal Power Plant, the largest of Madhya Pradesh Generation Company. The demand for electricity in the state is reaching 10 thousand MW. In comparison, only 3900 MW of electricity is being produced in the state from thermal, water, solar and wind. Remaining power is being drawn from central power.

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