Madhya Pradesh: 7 people injured in a dispute between two parties in Indore, Muslim family accuses mob of attack

Madhya Pradesh: इंदौर में दो पक्षों के विवाद में 7 लोग घायल, मुस्लिम परिवार ने भीड़ पर लगाया हमले का आरोप

Madhya Pradesh Police.

A case of assault with a Muslim family has come to light in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh. According to the police, at least 7 people including 5 members of the same family have been injured in the dispute between two parties. Police said that this matter is of Sunday. On the other hand, members of the victim’s family from the Muslim community allege that the other side had given them an ultimatum to vacate the Hindu-dominated Pivday village by October 9. Not accepting this, the mob attacked him. The family alleges that even two months ago, they have been threatened to vacate the village. At present, the police has registered an FIR from both the sides.

Actually, this case is of Khudail area of ​​Indore district. According to the police officer, the matter of assault with a family has come to the fore. At the same time, the family members allege that the villagers have issued an ultimatum to them to leave the village two months ago. Where the police officers say that these two sides have a mutual issue, and there has been a fight over a mutual dispute. He said that there is no such thing as a threat to evacuate the village. Regarding this matter, the accused party claims that the fight took place due to the transaction of money.

Police registered a case on the complaint of 2 parties

In this case, the police officer said that on each other’s complaint against both the parties, a complaint was registered under sections 294 (abuse), 323 (beating), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 147 (rioting) of the Indian Penal Code. Has been. He told that the Muslim family works in making iron articles and due to a dispute between the two parties over the repair of this item, the violent incident on Saturday night came to the fore.

Victim’s family lawyer will seek legal help

Ehtesham Hashmi, a lawyer currently active for the legal help of the victim’s family, alleged that the family was attacked due to religious discrimination. He said, “We are taking appropriate legal steps in this matter.

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