Madhya Pradesh: 16-year-old Divyang gang-raped in Rewa, held hostage overnight; Only the woman of the village helped the accused

Maharashtra: महाराष्ट्र के परभणी में 16 साल की नाबालिग के साथ गैंगरेप, पीड़िता ने की आत्महत्या, 2 आरोपी पकड़े गए

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A painful incident has come to light from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. Here a case of gangrape has come to light from a 16-year-old disabled girl. The incident is from the village of Mauganj police station area. On Saturday, when the girl was going for defecation, three youths of the village kidnapped the girl. After which the three took the girl to the house of an identified woman of the village. Here she was raped overnight. Later, when he started leaving the girl, he gave her two hundred rupees for not telling anything to anyone. Please tell that the girl cannot speak and hear.

Mauganj police station in-charge Shweta Maurya told that at 6 pm on Friday, the teenager had gone to defecate 100 meters away from the house. Three youths from the village arrived and took Mamta Saket, who lives in the village one and a half kilometers away, on a bike. Here the teenager was raped by being held hostage overnight.

Village woman’s hand in the rape of Divyang

Maurya told that when the victim reached home at 11 o’clock the next day, the family asked the reason for missing the whole night, then she told in gestures. When the family went to the bottom of the whole matter from their level, it came to know that the woman of the village is involved in the incident. He had pressured the teenager not to say anything to anyone by giving 200 rupees. The family reached the Mauganj police station on Saturday night and complained. The police have registered a case against four accused including the woman in this case.

Forensic expert investigated

Senior Forensic Officer Dr. RP Shukla said that after registering the case, where the victim had told, the team inspected the spot accordingly. The woman who is accused of collaborating in the gang rape. His condition looked suspicious. A mattress was found on the spot. Some samples have been taken from here.

Deaf expert took statement

Mauganj police said that the victim had come to Rewa on Sunday. A team of senior doctors has done a medical checkup. A team of experts came from the deaf school, who took the statements of the teenager from their level. On confirmation of gang rape, a report has been registered against three youths.

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