LPG cylinder comes under GST, then why different prices in every state? Know how much profit the government makes

LPG सिलेंडर तो  GST में आता है, फिर हर राज्य में अलग-अलग कीमतें क्यों? जानिए सरकार को कितना होता है मुनाफा

Now you will have to pay 998 to buy domestic gas cylinder in Patna.

LPG Cylinder Rates: The prices of LPG cylinders have increased once again. Since then, cylinders are being sold beyond 900 in many cities, while in many cities the rate has reached close to 900.

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The prices of domestic LPG gas cylinders have increased once again. Government oil companies have increased the prices of LPG Gas Cylinder today i.e. on 6th October. Oil companies have increased the price of 14.2 kg cylinder without subsidy by Rs 15. After this increase, it has become Rs 899.50 per cylinder in Delhi, that is, it has reached about Rs 900.

At the same time, to buy a domestic gas cylinder in Patna, you will now have to pay 998. The price of domestic LPG cylinder has now gone up to Rs 926 in Kolkata and Rs 915.50 in Chennai. In such a situation, the question is, why is the rate of gas different in every state? Although LPG cylinders come under GSC, then their prices are different in every state. Know every thing related to LPG price, in which you will know how much money the government gets from a cylinder…

How much tax on a cylinder?

Talking about the tax in an LPG cylinder, it has a different system from petrol and diesel, in which the central and state governments do not levy separate taxes. It is subject to GST and in this, only one tax is levied in the whole country and it is received by the government. The government has included LPG in the 5 percent slab, in which 2.5 percent tax is given to the central government and 2.5 percent to the state government.

Information is shared on social media that the state government takes 55 percent of the price of the cylinder as tax. But it is not so, only 5 percent tax is taken by the government, in which the central and state governments divide half and half.

What is included in the rate of cylinder?

Explain that the basic rate on 14.2 kg LPG cylinder includes distribution commission, establishment charge, delivery charge and after that tax is also there. But, the rate of tax is the same in every state and tax is charged only on the basis of 5 per cent.

Why the different rates?

Now let us explain why there are different rates in every state. Actually, commission and establishment charges are different in every state, which depends on the geography etc. On the basis of this, the establishment charges are fixed, as if the transport charges are more, then these charges will be more there. These charges are on the basis of every state and on the basis of this, the rates of cylinders vary from state to state.

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