Loss of lakhs due to virus attack, farmers throwing away banana plant, know the method of prevention and identification

वायरस के अटैक से लाखों का नुकसान, केले का पौधा उखाड़ कर फेंक रहे किसान, जानिए बचाव और पहचान का तरीका

After the attack of the virus, farmers are uprooting the plants and throwing them away. (Photo- Makarand Kale NewsNCR)

Banana cultivation is done in many states in the country. It includes a large area of ​​Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. These days CMV virus (Cucumber mosaic virus) is troubling the farmers on the banana crop. According to the farmers, this virus is attacking a particular variety and tissue culture the most, due to which the farmers are uprooting their banana crop.

Farmers complain that till date neither any government official nor experts of any private company has reached for the survey of the crop which has been hit by the virus. Farmers have demanded that for this loss, they should be given insurance under crop insurance.

At present, to prevent this, farmers are spraying various types of expensive insecticides on their banana crop. Farmers Vithal Narayan and Bhushan Patil tell that some time ago they had taken a tissue culture plant of a company at the rate of Rs 14 per plant. This type of plant is being attacked the most by the virus, due to which the farmers are losing lakhs and they are being forced to uproot the banana crop.
Cucumber mosaic virus which is also known as CMV virus.

What are the symptoms of virus?

Symptoms of this virus are initially visible on the leaves. After this, yellow fibers start appearing on the leaves and finally the leaf dries up. If the symptoms of Cucumber Mosaic Virus are seen in the field and it is not managed in the early stages, then the farmer has to uproot the crop, but if the farmer manages the Cucumber Mosaic Virus in time, then this virus Banana crop can be saved from

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Attack On Banana

The virus has attacked banana plants in Madhya Pradesh. (Photo- Makarand Kale NewsNCR)

How does this virus spread?

The first reason is that if you are working in the field and the virus has spread in one plant and you are using a sickle, sickle, spade or shovel etc., then you take it to your healthy plant as well, then it will The virus spreads.

Second, the pests it contains go from one plant to another and infect the healthy plant as well. To prevent this, the farmer will have to pay attention to integrated pest management.

Third, if more pumpkin category crops have been planted around the banana field, then the outbreak of this virus has been seen more here.

How to defend?

Agricultural scientist Kartikeya Singh tells that you should keep the banana plantation clean and where there are pumpkin category crops such as tomatoes and chillies, then do not cultivate bananas in such a place. If you feel anywhere that this banana plant is suffering from Cucumber mosaic virus, then uproot that plant and bury it in the soil without delay. If you look carefully, you will also see many sap-sucking insects, which work to transmit this virus from disease-affected plants to other plants.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Attack On Banana Farm In Madhya Pradesh

Farmers are suffering a lot due to the virus outbreak. (Photo- Makarand Kale)

They tell that farmers should use such insecticides that these pests can be killed. For their prevention, if farmers make a solution of these three medicines and spray it on the banana crop, then surely these pests can be controlled. If farmers manage Cucumber Mosaic Virus under the guidance of an agricultural expert, then they can definitely save their crop from this virus.

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