Lord Ganesha Worship Tips: Worshiping which form of Ganpati fulfills which wish?

Lord Ganesha Worship Tips : गणपति के किस स्वरूप की पूजा करने पर कौन सी पूरी होती है मनोकामना

Worshiping Lord Ganesha removes all the obstacles and obstacles in life and there is only Mars in life. To get the blessings of the God of Riddhi-Siddhi, after all, which form of Gajanan is worshiped, what is the fruit, read this article to know.

Worship Ganpati as per your wish

The worship of the first revered Ganapati, considered a symbol of auspiciousness and Mars, is very fruitful. Ganpati removes the biggest obstacle in the blink of an eye of his seekers. The glory of Ganesh ji, the obstacle, the benefactor, the son of Gauri, has been praised in all the Puranas and scriptures. Worshiping different forms of Devadhidev has its own importance. Let us know that for which wish, which form of Ganapati should be worshiped according to the law.

haridra ganpati

This form of Ganapati is prepared from the root of the name Haridra. Haridra-made Ganesha is considered a symbol of Mars. If a person is facing obstacles in marriage etc. and his age is passing, then he should especially worship Haridra Ganapati. To fulfill the wish of early marriage, the girl or child should wear Haridra Ganapati in the form of a locket around her neck.

Sphatik Ganesh

This idol is made of crystal for the special practice of Ganapati. Sphatik is a self-evident gem in itself, in such a situation the importance of this idol of Ganapati increases manifold. Worshiping rhinestone Ganesh ji protects from wastage of money and obstacles and brings prosperity in livelihood and business.

ganesh conch

This conch is specially kept in the house to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The shape of this conch is of the shape of Ganapati. Establishing Ganesh conch in the home or work area, daily worship and darshan showers blessings of Ganapati. All the obstacles related to life are destroyed.

Ganesh Yantra

This yantra, which gives the blessings of Ganapati, is very miraculous. Worshiping Ganesh Yantra at home or place of business, factory, shop or office on a daily basis removes all the obstacles in life and the seeker gets success in every task.

Ganesh Rudraksha

Rudraksha is also a great remedy to get the blessings of Ganapati. For this, Ganesh Rudraksh should be worshiped and worn by law. Ganesh Rudraksha proves to be very auspicious for the progress of students who read and write. Students should wear it around their neck.

Shwetark Ganpati

The idol of Ganapati made from the root of a Shwetark plant is very auspicious. By establishing Shwetark Ganapati in the house by law and worshiping him properly, happiness and prosperity remains in the house. All the wishes of the seeker who worship Shwetark Ganapati are fulfilled.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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