Loot Ghar Series: Buyers of houses in Greater Noida West’s Panchsheel Pinnacle Tower forced to live on the ‘road’, builder raised questions on authority

लूटघर सीरीजः ग्रेटर नोएडा वेस्ट के पंचशील पिनैकल टॉवर में घर खरीदने वाले 'सड़क' पर रहने को मजबूर, बिल्डर ने अथॉरिटी पर उठाए सवाल

Demonstration is being held at Panchsheel Pinnacle Tower.

Somewhere in buying a house, all your lakshmi does not go away, so in this special series of lootghar, we are taking up the case of a builder from Greater Noida West, whose wires are also connecting to the authority. One thing we have been saying time and again, no matter who is at fault, the consumer bears the brunt. Today we are going to give a hundred percent accurate example of this. The matter is of Greater Noida West, where the transaction between the builder and the authority is implicated in an apartment, but who is raising slogans standing in the sun?

It is quite possible that the whole sky building of your dreams will come up. Your whole family also started living in it. Despite this, you have to stand on the streets. And sloganeering also had to be done. Something similar is happening with the home buyers of Panchsheel Pinnacle Tower in Greater Noida West. First invested money on the builder’s project. Now performing in scorching sun. Delayed the project for two years, gave possession without OC-registry. No date is given for registry. Not telling. Calling bouncers and getting threats, sending bouncers. We also went to the authority but did not get any support.

Now understand their problem

In 2011, the builder started the project named Panchsheel Pinnacle in Greater Noida West.
The builder claimed that by the end of 2015, he would build the flat and handover it to the buyers.
But the builder started handing over the flats to the people in 2018.
Before this, for three years people kept on protesting.
Along with EMI, he had to bear the double torture of paying the rent.

But, even after this the troubles did not give up. It is alleged that the builder neither got the houses registered nor gave the Occupation Certificate ie OC. That is, even your own house is not your own for the people. Sardar ji has already paid the stamp duty. Still fifteen people have been filed for defaming. Our fight is with Panjshir, but another maintenance company, Allied, issued a legal notice. Even today when he arrived, the goons were calling. Performing every Saturday-Sunday, sitting for the last three weeks, getting threats, legal notices are coming, threats are coming from the maintenance side. Banners disappear. If anything happens to the wife’s children, who will be responsible. Fifty percent money was given, asked to give full and final and said OC will give in two months. I myself have come with a late penalty of one lakh rupees. The FIR is in writing. There is video recording. The police FIR also did not yield any result.

People plan a weekend performance at Panchsheel Pinnacle

Even though people all over the country would be planning a holiday on Saturday-Sunday. Must have gone out to relax, but in Panchsheel Pinnacle, people plan a performance on the weekend. On Saturday-Sunday, they gather at this place. Here the buyers come to perform a journey of two hundred kilometers from Jaipur. KP Bhargava says I have come from Delhi. We are not fond of coming here. Gave high earned money. There is a need for jobs. It is just that I should keep a house for the family. Quotation given later. But took the stamp duty first. Been fighting for a year and a half. No senior person even comes to talk.

By reaching this demonstration, you will come to know how big a crime it is to ask for your rights in this country. It is alleged that the builder adopts all kinds of tactics to stop the buyers from performing. Sometimes the bouncer sends. Sometimes a legal notice is sent. Sometimes he imposes penalty, while neither tells the date of registration, nor pays attention to the facilities. Women say that they have built a house by selling a lot. Calling female guards and indecency. Leakage problem on every floor. When the registry spoke, a notice of Rs 10 lakh was sent to the husband. We also reached out to the builder regarding all these allegations and problems. Spoke to Anil Chaudhary, director of Panchsheel Pinnacle and the three main things he said. Hear that.

What did the director of Panchsheel Pinnacle say?

Panchsheel Pinnacle Director Anil Chaudhary says that only 200 registry was not done, it is the fault of the authority, it is the interest of the buyers. We have already registered 18 hundred flats. Registry of 200 flats is left. The reason is that the Noida Authority had raised the penalty of square meter on 1779. Extended more. We went to court, we won in court. We are talking continuously in the authority. The authority is not adjusting the money. We get stuck there again and again. The real reason is the election of RWA. They can’t vote. Security personnel have been deployed to stop the violence in their factionalism.

There are many things to note in this investigation of our loot house. First thing- According to the builder, injustice to 200 families is a minor thing and it should not be given to them. Secondly – the people of the housing society are raising the issue of lack of registry and facilities, but their eyes are on the RWA elections. Third thing- The whole problem has been created by the red tape of the authority and there is no option but to wait for the solution of this problem.

These arguments of the builder cannot be accepted, but one name is common in this whole story and that is the Greater Noida Authority. Which is a villain in the eyes of both the builder and the buyer. There is a need to crack down on this villain, so that the builder cannot do anything arbitrarily. And don’t be dishonest with the buyer.

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