Lalu said everything in the address, but did not react to Tej Pratap’s hostage statement, remained silent even after breaking up in the Grand Alliance

संबोधन में सबकुछ बोले लालू, लेकिन तेजप्रताप के बंधक वाले बयान पर नहीं दी कोई प्रतिक्रिया, महागठबंधन में टूट पर भी रहे चुप

Lalu addressing the workers

Lalu Prasad appeared in his old style while addressing the party workers and leaders on Tuesday. Addressing the workers, he said that when the double engine (Central government and Bihar government) will be dispersed, he did not know, but he did not react to Tej Pratap’s statement.

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJDRJD supremo Lalu Yadav (LALU YADAV) Connect to Delhi online. The RJD supremo also gave homework regarding elections by teaching politics lessons to the workers and leaders. During this, Lalu Prasad (JDU)I GO) but targeted a lot, gave Tejashwi the mantra of Jail Bharo Andolan. He also claimed to conduct caste census. Asked the workers to help the people by wearing a gamchha cap, advised them to focus on mock polls and voting, but did not say anything on the subject on which people were waiting for him to speak the most. Lalu Yadav did not react to Tej Pratap’s hostage statement. Along with this, he did not say anything even after Kanhaiya Kumar joining the Congress and breaking up in the Grand Alliance.

Lalu Prasad, while addressing his party workers, said that Jayaprakash Narayan had said that Swaraj has been achieved only from jail, so friends, fill the jail. He said don’t be afraid of jail, but people are afraid of Satyagraha. When the show gets sued, everyone says it’s sued. They get scared when they are 107 at the time of elections. It is imposed for peace and order. He said that the son of the Union Minister of State for Home trampled people in Lakhimpur. We condemn it. It is being said that there will be a judicial inquiry, I do not know when?

Murder is happening continuously in Bihar

RJD supremo Lalu Yadav raised questions on the Bihar government regarding law and order. He said that Panchayat elections are being held. More and more murders are happening in this. The government is proving unsuccessful in stopping this. With this, he said that the government should be serious about law and order, but the government is not paying any attention to it. Along with this, Lalu Prasad said that due to lack of caste census, the people of the last rungs of the society are being left behind. We will keep the caste census done. The budget of the country will be made accordingly. This will end the inequality gap.

Took a scarf, wear a green cap too

Like the previous address, once again Lalu spoke on the dress code of the workers. He said that we had told you to take the greenest gamcha, I am happy that you have taken it. Now put on the green cap. Wherever injustice and atrocities are seen, reach there with a flag in favor of the victim. Along with this, he told the workers that you people roam in the village at the time of vote. Along with this, he said that the work of distribution of tickets belongs to the organization below. After filtering you send the name of the candidate to the party office. But it doesn’t happen. When elections come, the crowd gathers. It is the responsibility of the workers to make the organization sharp and sharp and to take it to the grassroots level.

Don’t know when it will be dispersed

Lalu Prasad, in his own style, took a jibe at the double engine government of the central and state government and said that there are two different engines in the double engine. No one knows when the goods train and the electric one will be dispersed. Along with this, he said that under the leadership of Tejashwi Kumar, our party fought a good election, a minor seat has not come under the leadership of Tejashwi. The people had already formed the government. But our people who were winning by a small margin were defeated, but the people of Bihar will rule us again, it will not stop them. Our party is the largest party.

At the same time, when it came to coming to Bihar, he said that we have to live on only one liter of water, we request Dr. Rakesh Yadav that we will go to Bihar, but drinking more water has been banned. We cannot tolerate without water. Sometimes it becomes too much. In the meantime, we will come to Bihar by taking time out.

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