Lakhimpur Kheri Violence: Priyanka Gandhi’s convoy lost consciousness in excitement, 70 vehicles left without paying toll, thousands lost

Uttar Pradesh: प्रियंका गांधी के UP दौरे की टाइमिंग को BJP ने बताया गलत, पूछा पंजाब का टिकट कर दें बुक?

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi (file photo)

The process of reaching Lakhimpur by many big leaders, chief ministers, ministers is going on regarding the Lakhimpur incident. Meanwhile, the most aggressive Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is seen. Due to this, today Priyanka had left for Bahraich to meet the families of the victims of Lakhimpur Kheri violence. But during this time there is an allegation of non-payment of toll tax at Barabanki Shahavpur Toll Plaza on the convoy of vehicles running with them.

Actually Priyanka Gandhi’s convoy passing from Lucknow passed through Barabanki Shahavpur toll plaza on Thursday. During this, many vehicles had gathered in his convoy. Many workers and leaders of Congress party participated in it. During this convoy running with full enthusiasm, the rules were kept in check. While going from Barabanki to Bahraich, no one in the convoy of 70 vehicles running with Priyanka Gandhi thought it appropriate to pay toll tax and all left the toll plaza without paying toll. Toll plaza employees allege that NHAI has suffered a loss of thousands of rupees.

Loss of about 9-10 thousand rupees

Toll plaza employee Amit Singh says that more than 70 vehicles of the convoy passed through the toll. The policemen who were standing got the vehicles free, due to which there has been a loss of 9-10 thousand rupees. Earlier on Wednesday late night, after being under house arrest in Sitapur for two days, Priyanka Gandhi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi finally went to their house to meet the families of those killed in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence. Priyanka and Rahul reached Chaukhra Farm at the house of Lovepreet who was killed in Tikunia ruckus. Both met Lovepreet’s family members and assured them of justice.

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