LAC: Indo-China soldiers came face-to-face in Arunachal sector, clashes occurred during patrolling

LAC: अरुणाचल सेक्टर में आमने-सामने आए भारत-चीन के सैनिक, पेट्रोलिंग के दौरान हुई तनातनी

Face-off between soldiers of India and China in Arunachal sector (symbol photo)

According to defense sources, there has been a face-off between the soldiers of India and China in the Arunachal sector. Efforts are on to reduce the tension on the LAC since last year’s conflict in Ladakh, while this faceoff has happened in Arunachal. According to sources, there is a difference in the perception of LAC between the two armies. After this faceoff between the two sides, the conversation lasted for a few hours. Later, on the basis of the existing protocol, this conflict was resolved through talks.

According to defense sources, there is no information about any kind of damage in this faceoff. According to sources, the India-China border has not been formally demarcated, so there is a difference in the perception of the LAC between the countries. By following the existing agreements and protocols between the two countries, peace is possible in these areas with differing perceptions.

This is how the situation is managed at the time of faceoff

Both sides carry out patrol activities as per their perception. Whenever patrols from both sides meet, the situation is managed according to established protocols and mechanisms agreed to by both sides. Sources said the face-off took place for a few hours before the troops withdrew.

Face-to-face at Gogra Heights in August

Earlier in August, India and China had sent back Chinese troops from the Gogra Heights area. At that time they were sent back to their permanent places. In the 12th round of commander-level talks, both India and China had agreed to move troops from patrolling point 17A, one of the friction points between the two countries in the eastern Ladakh region.

Hot Spring has not been talked about yet

Tension continues between India and China on the border in eastern Ladakh for more than a year. Both sides have held several rounds of talks to reduce tension on the border. At the same time, the 12th round of meeting between India and China has been held recently. The hot spring friction point between the two countries has not been discussed or resolved yet.

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