Kolkata Durga Puja: World’s tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ built in Kolkata, ‘Maa Durga’ is wearing 40 KG jewellery.

Kolkata Durga Puja: कोलकाता में बनी दुनिया की सबसे ऊंची इमारत 'बुर्ज खलीफा', 40 KG ज्वेलरी पहन विराज रही हैं 'मां दुर्गा'

Photo: A pandal made of replica of Maa Durga and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Durga Puja (Durga PujaDuring this time Kolkata, the city of art, which has carved the world’s biggest heritage in the form of a pandal, has made a replica of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa this time. The Burj Khalifa (June) who went to DubaiBurj KhalifaCan’t see they can come and see Kolkata.Sri Bhoomi Sporting Club of Kolkata (Sri Bhumi Sporting Club) has made a replica of 150 feet high Burj Khalifa as a pandal, in which Maa Durga is seated wearing 40 kg jewellery.

He told that those coming here will feel that they are in Dubai. The special thing is that the 300 different types of light that are being scattered in the pavilion during the night gives this whole pavilion the real shape of Burj Khalifa which is very special. The height of 150 feet and the huge width will also be the center of attraction for the visitors. In Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet, Fire Minister Sujit Basu is the head of this club. He told that even though it took six years to build the world’s tallest building in Dubai, its replica in Kolkata has been prepared by 250 workers in just two months.

The height of the puja pandal is 150 feet

The height of the Puja pandal is 150 feet and more than three hundred lights have been installed in it, which gives a second light to the pandal during the day, and in the night it scatters more than 300 different types of lights. The special thing is that basically the light of the tricolor is attracting people especially. To make it look like the original Burj Khalifa, an “acrylic sheet” has been used which is a type of glazed glass that helps in scattering and spreading the light. Sujit Basu told that this pandal is not only the biggest Durga Puja pandal not only in Kolkata but also in West Bengal, a large ground has been used to make it. He said, “We are well aware that a huge crowd will throng to see this Durga Puja pandal. That is why the police have been specially requested to provide security here. Apart from this, members of Sreebhumi Sporting Club have also formed volunteers with local youths who will work to manage the crowd and ensure physical distance is followed. “

Visitors will not be able to enter the puja pandal
He told that according to the order of the High Court, this time also no visitor will be allowed inside the pavilion, but arrangements have been made to ensure that the pandal and the mother can be seen well from outside. People will be allowed to take and view selfies outside the pavilion itself. Sumit Basu, President of Shree Bhoomi Sporting Club, which organizes Durga Puja with the best theme every year, further said that this time it is the 49th year of his worship, so it was decided to make a replica of the tallest building in the world to make it special. .

Maa Durga is wearing 40 kg jewelery

Sujit Basu also told that this time not only the pandal is special but Maa Durga will also be enshrined in a different way. The idol of the mother to be installed in the pandal is decorated with ornaments weighing 40 kg. He told that the idol has been made by sculptor Pradeep Patra Pal. 40 kg jewelery has been provided for the mother by Senco Jewelery Group. A large number of policemen have also been deployed for its security and CCTV cameras have been installed very carefully around the pavilion so that any untoward incident or theft etc. can be prevented.

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