Kolkata Durga Puja: A Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata is telling a painful story of migrant laborers and NRC victims

Kolkata Durga Puja: कोलकाता का एक दुर्गा पूजा पंडाल प्रवासी मजदूरों और NRC पीड़ितों की बयां कर रही है दर्द भरी कहानी

Photo: Statues narrating the tales of migrant laborers during the NRC and the pandemic, at a pandal set up by Barisha Club in Kolkata.

Worldwide your Durga Puja (Durga PujaThis time in the capital Kolkata, known for its specialties, different attractive themes made pandals (Kolkata Puja Pandal) are attracting a lot of people. One such pandal is Barisha Club in South Kolkata (Barisha Club) has been built by Puja Pandal. Here the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and sculptures and themes have been installed narrating the tales of migrant laborers during the pandemic, which seem to bring their sorrows to life. The theme of the puja is “Bhager Maa” meaning a mother who is divided;

It depicts Goddess Durga as a working class migrant woman who is taking her children with her during the pandemic. The theme narrates the refugee crisis and post-Partition pain, as well as the pain suffered by millions of people who have left their ancestral homes amid the violence.

Telling the story of refugees

Dev Prasad Bose, the organizer of Barisha Club Durga Puja, said, “The pandal has been divided into two parts. The landmark on the left shows the Bangladesh border and the Indian border on the right. In the middle, a huge cage-like structure is placed, in which a woman with her children is carrying an idol of Goddess Durga. Artist Rintu Das, who was involved in this year’s theme, said that the intention of Durga Puja this year is to give a message that in any way, arrangements should be made to ensure that the countrymen do not have to face these crises again.

The pandal is telling the pain of partition

Notably, after the partition of 1947, the violence-hit people of Bengal divided their deities into two parts. Between India and Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan). Dhaka’s ‘Dhakeshwari Durga’ became the traditional idol for sculptors in Kumhartoli, West Bengal. Years later, this Durga Puja in south Kolkata urges its viewers to ponder the question whether the country will see another crisis, when the goddess will once again have to leave her native land and travel elsewhere?

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