Knowing the weight of this lemon, the senses will fly away, it is so big that the size will not come in hand

Knowing the weight of this lemon, the senses will fly away, it is so big that the size will not come in hand

After knowing about a lemon of 2.6 kg, people are not able to believe it. Pictures of this strange lemon have been shared on Instagram, after seeing which you will be convinced that there can really be such a big lemon.

People are stunned to see such a big lemon

You must have heard about many such fruits and vegetables, which grow much larger than their average size. But have you ever thought that even a two to three inch lemon can be so big that people think of it as a big watermelon. This would sound absurd to hear. But this is true. This strange thing has been found in Australia. Where a couple has grown it in their garden.

Talking about its weight and size, this lemon weighs 2.6 kg and is as long as a human’s wrist. Whereas usually the weight of a lemon ranges from 50 grams to 100 grams. If the reports are to be believed, then the couple who grew this lemon. He has given it to a local chef named Messila Palincas. Melissa Ethos is also the owner of Deli & Dining Room. Melissa has done the work of bringing this giant lemon to the world.

He has shared different pictures of lemons from his Instagram account and has also given information about what kind of lemon it is. He said in his Instagram post, ‘I did some research and then searched on Google by putting giant lemons and found that they are ponderosa lemons and they originated from a city of Amalfi in Italy. Its taste is also not salty, but it is sour-sweet. Melissa has made two posts related to lemon. In which he has told everything about it in one, while in the other he has divided the lemon into two pieces and given information about its peel.

People are getting stunned to see the pictures of giant lemons. He is telling in his comment that he cannot believe his eyes after seeing the pictures of lemons. One user commented and said that I have not seen such a big lemon till date. At the same time, another user said that I am desperate to know how thick its peel will be.

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