Know what is the difference between pistol and revolver and what is this bore in it?

जानिए पिस्टल और रिवाल्वर में क्या है अंतर और इसमें ये बोर क्या होता है?

Pistol and revolver are both types of handguns.

Whenever it comes to handguns, the name of pistol and revolver comes to the fore, but many people are confused between pistol and revolver. Very few people are able to differentiate between the two guns. In such a situation, if you like to know about guns or you also have confusion between these two, then today we tell you how the two guns are different. Not only in appearance, but the way they fire and load the caliber also differs.

So today let’s know what is the difference between the two guns. Also you must have heard the name of the word bore with gun, like 12 bore, 32 bore etc., so today we will also tell you what is bore and what you can find out from bore…

First of all, let us tell you that both pistol and revolver are handguns i.e. small gun kept in hand. They are not as big as machine guns etc. and their size is slightly larger than the palm. There is a difference between firing and firing bullets and being automatic etc. By the way, by looking at their photos, you can understand what is the difference between the two. There are three types of pistol, which include automatic, single shot, multi-chamber. Whereas auto includes semi automatic and full automatic. At the same time, the revolver includes swing out, top brake, fixed cylinder etc.


The revolver is slightly older than the pistol. In this, a cylinder is installed in the middle of the gun, bullets have to be filled in it. You must have seen that a sphere is made in the middle of the gun and there are bullets in it and it is rotated to fire. First it is loaded and when the trigger is pressed, a hammer is attached at the rear, which strikes the bullet and then the bullet moves forward. When a bullet is fired, the cylinder rotates automatically and the second bullet comes in front of the barrel and then after loading and firing it fires through the process.

However, 5-6 gains can be made in it once and again the cylinder of the revolver has to be taken out and bullets have to be filled in it. The revolver is said to have been developed by Samuel Colt in 1836. The revolver got its name because of a revolving cylinder. It is in a way an old handgun, which has been in use for a long time.


The pistol is an upgraded version of the handgun. It does not have a revolving cylinder for bullets like a revolver, while the magazine is fitted. In this, the bullets are set on the fire point through spring etc. and the person wielding the gun can fire one after the other. In this, the speed of firing becomes very fast and the bullets are loaded without much loading time. There are two types of guns, semi-automatic and automatic. In an automatic pistol, only fire has to be fired. But, many people like it less, because there are more chances of fire due to slight negligence.

What is bore?

It is used for the size of the pill. The internal diameter or diameter of any hollow pipe is called bore. Hence the bore is determined based on the thickness of the bullet. Sometimes, the direct bore is used to measure the bullet in the indigenous way, although the bore is measured in caliber or millimeter. Therefore, according to the number of inches the gun has, its bore or caliber etc. is calculated.

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