Know how much the doctor-patient relationship changed after Corona, because of this the patients were not happy

जानिए कोरोना के बाद कितना बदल गया डॉक्टर-मरीज का रिश्ता, इस वजह से खुश नहीं रहे पेशेंट

Since the outbreak of Corona virus, the way of seeing doctors has changed, due to which the patient’s trust in doctors is also decreasing. It has changed a lot now.

Doctors are also seeing the patient from a distance even in their clinic.

Corona virus has changed everything from the way of studying to the way of working. Even now the doctor-patient relationship has completely changed. When he used to go to the doctor earlier, the doctor used to sit next to him and talk well and treat the disease. But, now even if there is some disease, people are avoiding going to the doctors and are talking to the doctor through online medium only.

At the same time, doctors are also seeing the patient from a distance in their clinic and do not like to go near the patient. All this has been possible only because of the corona virus. OPDS and non-emergency units have now been closed in many hospitals. Along with this, digital technologies have been encouraged in many diseases and treatment is being done through them. Know how much change has come in the last one and a half years…

According to Practo, an app that provides online doctors, there has been an increase of up to 500% in medical consultations. In the lockdown, 50 million Indians have reached health services through telemedicine and 80 percent of people have taken services from doctors through online medium for the first time. Actually, people have stopped going to the hospital because of the corona virus. Even if he used to go to the hospital, he had to follow many rules, including PPE kits, masks, sanitizers etc.

Patient and doctor’s connection changed?

Also, the use of the doctor’s mask and PPE kit affected the experience of the patients, as the PPE kit covered the doctor’s face, making eye contact with the doctor impossible. Due to this, the patient could understand a lot from the facial expressions, the way of talking, which is not understood now. At the same time, doctors also do not know much about the patient. PPE kits and masks are believed to have had a significant detrimental effect on patients’ perception of doctors’ empathy. Along with this, the time of interaction between the patient and the doctor has also come down significantly, due to which the patient remains very upset.

At the same time, you must have also noticed that in the time of COVID, patients were not happy with the way doctors looked and they always believed that doctors are not giving good consultation now. Apart from this, misinformation spread against doctors in the era of COVID-19 increased people’s mistrust towards doctors. Because of this, front line workers were also treated unfairly in many places.

Aarushi Jain, Executive Director, Stayhappy Pharmacy on Doctor-Patient Relation also says, “In these challenging times, the need of the hour is to harness every health resource to mitigate the effects of COVID. Clearing the misconceptions related to COVID, preventing the spread of misinformation and providing security to doctors at the national level will go a long way in establishing the doctor-patient relationship.

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