Know everything about fennel cultivation in October, from improved varieties to sowing and irrigation

उन्नत किस्मों से लेकर बुवाई और सिंचाई तक, अक्टूबर में होने वाली सौंफ की खेती के बारे में सब कुछ जानिए

Know everything about fennel cultivation.

Fennel has its own place in the cultivation of spices. Not only is it added to various dishes for taste, it is also a good practice to eat it raw after eating. Fennel cultivation can prove to be a profitable deal for the farmers who are thinking of moving away from tradition.

October is the right time for fennel cultivation. Its cultivation starts in the first week of October itself. In this news, we will learn about the cultivation of fennel, from its advanced cultivation to its improved varieties.

crop protection

  • Shadow Disease: 20 to 25 kg of sulfur powder should be sprinkled on the standing crop or 0.2 percent soaking sulfur should be sprayed.
  • Burn disease: (Remularia Blight and Alternaria Blight) Before the onset of disease, spraying of Mancozeb or Zineb 0.2% or Propiconazole 0.1% should be done according to the stage of the disease.
  • Mahu or Aphid: Spraying of dimethoate 0.03 percent or imidachlorfide 0.003 percent should be done.

crop improvement

  • Suitable Climate: This crop is the main crop of the cold season.
  • Soil Selection: Well drained loamy soils having pH value of 6.5-8.0 have been found suitable for fennel cultivation.
  • Improved Seed Varieties: Ajmer Funnel-1, Ajmer Fan-2, RF-101, RF-125, RF-143 and Gujarat Funnel-1
  • Time of sowing: first week of october
  • Seed Rate: 8 to 10 kg seed per hectare for direct sowing 2.5-3.0 kg seed per hectare to prepare seedlings.
  • Seed Treatment: Treat with Carbendazim and Captan 2.5-3 grams per kg seed or Trichoderma 4-10 grams per kg seed per hectare.


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