Karwa Chauth 2021: If you are going to keep the fast of Karwa Chauth for the first time, then definitely know its complete method and story.

Karwa Chauth 2021 : अगर पहली बार रखने जा रही हैं करवा चौथ का व्रत तो जरूर जान लें इसकी पूरी विधि और कथा

Story and complete method of Karva Chauth fast

The fast of Akhand Saubhagya will be kept on Karwa Chauth 2021 this year on 24 October 2021. It is believed that this holy fast was kept by Mother Parvati for Lord Shiva. The fast of Karwa Chauth (Karwa Chauth 2021) is done on the Chaturthi date of Kartik Krishna Paksha. Karva Chauth is made up of two words, ‘Karva’ means earthen pot and ‘Chauth’ means Chaturthi, the favorite date of Ganesha. The worship of earthen pots i.e. Karve has special significance on this holy festival, through which water is offered to the moon god at night.

When and who can keep Karva Chauth fast

Usually, newly married women start this fast from the first year of marriage. On this day, married women keep a fast (Karwa Chauth 2021) for the long life and good health of their husbands. The fast of Chauth is started from Chauth itself. There is a tradition of fasting for other months only after this. There is a law to worship Lord Shiva, Mata Parvati, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha on the day of Karwa Chauth Vrat (Karwa Chauth 2021). Even unmarried girls keep Karva Chauth to get their desired groom.

Method of Karva Chauth fasting

On the day of Karwa Chauth Vrat (Karwa Chauth 2021), wake up early in the morning before sunrise, take a bath and take a vow to observe this holy fast with law and worship the deities as usual and keep a waterless fast for the whole day. After this, in the evening, worship Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha with Roli, sandalwood, Akshat, flowers, Naivedya and makeup items etc. After this, read or listen to the story of Karwa Chauth Vrat (Karwa Chauth 2021). After this, see the moon god when he rises and after that see the husband through a sieve. After offering Arghya to the moon god, offer prasad to your husband by applying tilak and complete your fast by drinking water from his hands.

Story of Karva Chauth Vrat

It is believed that at the time of exile, when the Pandavas did not return after a long time, Draupadi got worried and told her concern to Lord Krishna. Then Lord Krishna asked Draupadi to observe Karwa Chauth fasting (Karwa Chauth 2021) and narrated the story related to it, which was once narrated by Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati. According to the legend, once in the city of Indraprastha, a learned Brahmin named Vedasharma had seven sons and a daughter, whose name was Veeravati. She was married to a Brahmin named Sudarshan.

Once when Veeravati kept the fast of Karva Chauth, she could not bear the hunger and thirst due to being waterless for the whole day and sat down. Then her sisters-in-law told her condition to her brothers that Veeravati would break her fast only after seeing the moon god, which had a lot of time. Knowing this, Veeravati’s brothers went out to the fields and lit a fire and made a moon-like scene by stretching the cloth and said to their sister that the moon has come out, now you give Arghya. Her Karwa Chauth fast (Karwa Chauth 2021) was broken due to offering Arghya to the moon, as a result of which her husband fell seriously ill.

It is said that after some time Indrani’s wife Indrani came to earth to observe the fast of Karva Chauth. Knowing this, Veeravati went and prayed to Indrani to do her husband good once again. On this, Indrani said that if the fast is broken, which has caused this condition of your husband, if you keep the same fast according to law, then he will get healthy soon. After this Veeravati kept the fast of Karwa Chauth (Karwa Chauth 2021) as per the instructions of Indrani and not only her husband became completely healthy but she also got happiness and prosperity.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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