Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar clarified on the controversial statement, said – I am also the father of a daughter, my statement is based on the survey

कर्नाटक के स्वास्थ्य मंत्री के सुधाकर ने विवादित बोल पर दी सफाई, बोले- मैं भी एक बेटी का पिता, सर्वे पर आधारित है मेरा बयान

Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar (file photo)

He has now given a clarification on the controversial statement given by Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar regarding the modern women of India. He said that I myself am a proud father of a daughter and through training I am also a medical doctor. So I completely understand the sensitivity of women and the issues of mental health.

He said, “My statement about the younger generation moving away from marriage and giving birth to children is based on a survey. Findings from the YouGov-Mint-CPR Millennial Survey show that, among Millennials, 19 percent are not interested in children or marriage.”

He further said, the other 8 per cent want children but are not interested in marriage. Among post millennials (or Gen Z adults), 23 percent are not interested in children or marriage. Dr K Sudhakar said that I was just trying to convey that our youth can find solutions to mental health issues in our traditional family and its value system which provides a wonderful support system. I had no intention of alienating women and neither did my words mean that.

What did the Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar say?

Dr K Sudhakar had claimed that modern Indian women want to be single. Even after marriage, she does not want to have children and wants children through surrogacy. She said on the occasion of World Mental Health Day that I would like to apologize to say that many modern women in the country want to remain single and do not want to give birth to a child after marriage. She wants surrogacy. In this way our thinking has changed.

At the same time, he blamed the influence of western countries and said that people do not want their parents to stay with them. Unfortunately today we are moving on the path of western countries. We don’t want our parents to be with us. Along with this, he also said that every seventh Indian has some kind of mental problem which can be mild, medium or severe.

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